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PSP Clients - One Solution, Many Benefits

Drastically reduce your (3rd party) processing fees and increase your bottom line with the NATS/Payze revolutionary software and merchant account partnership.

That's right, our teams have collaborated to provide a unified solution within the NATS platform that allows Payze Direct Merchant Account Clients to have all their processing, billing, and membership management solutions integrated into the NATS platform you already know. Use this revolutionary solution to manage your entire digital membership business.

Solutions at a Glance

1. Get started with one-click import of Payze account details
2. Unified system for all biller and program management control
3. No more double work - let the software handle these functions easily
- Cancellations, refunds, membership adjustments
-Banning, unbanning
-resending postbacks
-Site code setup
-setup xsales, upsells, loyalty discounts, token systems
-changing price points and creating new ones on the fly

In addition, there are some benefits we feel make a significant difference for your business growth

1. Rates - Are you paying 10%-15% for billing services? Most direct merchant accounts can have you billing your consumers at half those rates. Yes, as much as 50% savings if you are currently using a 3rd party paying 10% to 15%.

2. Throughput - The lifeblood of your business is sales. Do you feel your 3rd party processor is declining and scrubbing perfectly good sales? Clients who get their own direct merchant accounts through Payze have seen increased sales and a drop in declined transactions. All pointing towards more revenue for YOU!

3. Control - Control your marketing with customized Join Pages you have designed for efficiency, branding, and sales.

4. Support - You worked hard to acquire that new consumer and YOU know the value of that membership better then external support groups. Use Save-a-Sale tools to offer discounts, promotions, free memberships or gain valuable consumer knowledge to improve your brand.

Recent feature additions:

1. Failed transaction reporting with direct responses from the gateways (no more make believe)
2. Chargeback reporting with stats that reflect how card associations review
3. Enhanced monetization strategies
- rebill retry system
- customer retention tools
- cancellation discounts

So what are you waiting for? Efficiency, reliability and financial savings are right around the corner. Give us a call or shoot us an email and ask us how to get started TODAY!

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