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Gigadat Solutions, Interac2Pay now integrated with NATS

Increasing your payment processing options within NATS, Too Much Media would like to announce the integration of Gigadat Solutions payment platform, Interac2Pay. A highly secure widely accepted online payment platform based on the largest and the most trusted payment solution used over Canada called Interac!

As any Canadians who have a bank account automatically own an Interac Debit Card, it is allowing merchants to reach all Canadians consumers, which can mean an immediate increase of over 35% of their existing revenues. Payments made with Interac2Pay are concluded using their existing online banking access. With Interac2Pay, consumers cannot make any chargebacks. Interac2Pay payment process can easily integrate within a checkout process without users having to create an new username, password or account exactly like any credit cards! That and having an internal approval process allows us to on-board merchants much quicker than other billing solutions.

To view more information in the wiki, please visit our wiki article here.

Highlighted Features
Throttling in NATS

Do you want to prevent certain upgrade pages from being accessed too many times? Throttling is a security setting which will allow Admins to prevent surfers from accessing a particular page if they attempt too many requests. Restricting the number of attempts that can be made for particular pages can help prevent authorization strings for transactions from being entered through brute force.

Throttling is a security setting in the NATS Configuration Admin

To configure Throttling through NATS, you would first go to the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. On this page the Throttling section has options for THROTTLE_WHITE_LIST_IPS and THROTTLE_BLACK_LIST_IPS. These configurations are a comma-separated list of IP address that will always pass or fail the Throttling checks, Admins can whitelist their IP address for testing purposes of particular pages. The available pages where Throttling is available is on the Approval, Upgradeplus, Upgraded, Upsellplus, Packageplus, Tokenplus, Cancelplus, and Signupplus pages. For each of these pages, Admins can set first what counts as a page request to either Off, Every Page Request, or Failed Page Authentication, which will only occur whenever authentication fails for that particular page.

For further details in regards to using the Throttling system, please visit our wiki article here.

NATS Expire Padding

NATS has a feature, called expiration padding, that will help maintain correct active member counts with each of your processors. NATS can add additional days to a member's expiration date to prevent the customer from prematurely expiring.

Set Member Expire padding in the Configuration admin under the Billers section

Settings to pad member expiration dates can be found in the Configuration Admin, under the Billers Section. Within the Billers section, there are two different options to choose from: MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD and MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS. MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD globally sets your Members to receive an additional 50% of their membership days up to 7 days. This setting will also override whatever is set for MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS. MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS globally sets a flat amount of days to be added to member expiration dates. Since payment processors notify NATS of rebill transactions at differing frequencies, there are also expire pad settings specific to each processor in the following format: MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_{literal}{Processor}{/literal} and MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_{literal}{Processor}{/literal}_DAYS.

For more information on this advantageous feature, visit our documentation here.

NATS Gateway One Step Join Page

Would you like members signing up through your Gateway Billers to see one (1) join page instead of two (2)? Within NATS, Admins can set their Gateway Billers to use a Gateway One Step Cascade. When using this process, a new member signing up will see both membership and payment details on one page.

Members will sign up using one page rather than two

To set up a Gateway One Step join page, visit your Billers Admin and create a new cascade. Once created, you would add a Gateway Biller to be the first biller in this cascade. Next, edit the cascade itself, change the weight to be set to "Gateway One Step Cascade" and save your changes. Like any other cascade, you would set the cascade rules to make this cascade available for the sites you wish. While making these changes, please take note of the Cascade ID.

The next step in setting this up would be to modify the look and feel of the sign up page that will be displayed to a new member. When using a Gateway One Step, NATS will no longer use the "join" template for the affected site(s). Instead, NATS will use the "gateway_onestep_join" template within the given site. To edit this, visit your sites admin, click the Edit Site Templates icon for the appropriate site, find the "gateway_onestep_join" template and click the appropriate icon to make changes to this template.

Once you have set up the cascade, set up display rules, and have updated the appropriate site templates, you will need to update the links to your join page to include the Cascade ID of the new cascade. An example link would look like this:

Adding "&cascade=3" (3 being the ID of your new cascade) to you join links will tell NATS to always use the new Gateway One Step Cascade and display the appropriate template to the member. For further details in regards to this set up please visit our documentation here.

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