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Remove Never Joined Members

The latest version of NATS now includes the ability to delete never joined members using a mass action. This action will only be available for never joined members who are older than 7 days. Though NATS provides automatic clean up for completely blank memberships, this new feature allows program owners the option to remove data that they feel they no longer need.

In the membership admin, you can now remove never joined members individually using the trash can button. Alternatively, you can click on the checkbox on the left hand side of the membership list and use the mass action at the bottom of the page. This mass action also includes the ability to select All, None, or Invert the selection. Please be aware that these options are only available to those members who are marked as a never joined member are older than 7 days.

For further details on the membership admin and deleting memberships, please visit our online documentation.

Site and Global Email Settings

Do you need emails from NATS set with a specific "From" address in specific situations? NATS Admins have the option to set specific from and reply-to details for Member or Affiliate emails and can even be set on a per site basis. With these settings, you can define details for each of your sites so email addresses used will be specific per site rather than for your NATS installation as a whole.

Updating these settings globally can be found in the "Emails" Configuration Admin. Here you will be presented with "General Settings", as well as separate sections for each account type. The "General Settings" are used if any of the account type settings are not filled out. For each account type, you have the following details available:

  • EMAIL_FROM_ / EMAIL_FROM_NICE_ - This is the email address and the name for the "From" field in an email.
  • EMAIL_REPLY_ / EMAIL_REPLY_NICE_ - This is the email address and the name for the "Reply-To" field in an email.
  • EMAIL_SEND_METHOD_ - Allows you to choose how to send out emails between "PHP Default Method", "Qmail", and "CUSTOM SMTP".
  • EMAIL_SMTP_ information - These are the access details used if you choose to use "CUSTOM SMTP".
  • EMAIL_BCC_TO_ - This allows you to list an email address you would like these emails to be blind carbon copied to.

To set these settings specific for each of your sites, first navigate to your sites admin and edit the site you would like to set the email addresses for. On this page, find the sections labeled Member Email Site Settings and Affiliate Email Site Settings. By clicking the "Show Settings" link, you will then see the available areas to set the "EMAIL_FROM_", "EMAIL_FROM_NICE_", "EMAIL_REPLY_", "EMAIL_REPLY_NICE_", "EMAIL_BCC_TO_" configurations for both Member and Affiliate emails. These items function the same way as the configurations available in the Emails configuration admin.

Further information in regards to these global emails configuration can be found in our online documentation. For details about setting Site specific email settings and other site set up features visit online documentation.

Updated Retro-active Payout for programs

Available in the latest version of NATS is the updated "Retro-active Payout" setting for your programs. The current feature allows program owners to define whether the affiliate payout from a member transaction is based on when the transaction occurs, or when the member signed up. We have extended this feature to also be based on when the members subscription was created. This prevents payouts for an affiliate to be based upon an old payout in the event a member signs up again with the same membership details.

When editing a program, your options now are:

  • Disabled - Payout to the affiliate is based upon the time the transaction occurred.
  • Active Based on Join Date - All payout will be based upon when the member itself signed up.
  • Active Based on Subscription Creation Date - All payout for the subscription will be based upon when the Subscription was created.

For further details in regards to Adding a program or this extended feature, please visit our online documentation.

Server Move Service

Let us help you move your NATS installation. Too Much Media offers a service to help move your NATS or CARMA installation from one server to another. This service includes transferring files, checking that the database connections work correctly and updating necessary configurations. We will also assist you with testing once the transfer is complete. We provide this service for the fee of $195. To request a server move, please put in a support ticket with us.

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