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TMM Heading To The Phoenix Forum

It's that time of year again and we're heading to the desert for The Phoenix Forum. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting to discuss opportunities, review our NATS or NATS for Networks platforms, please use the self-service scheduler. Don't forget to check the show calendar as Nick and John will be doing a session at 1pm on Friday, March 24th.

Highlighted Features
Terms of Service Configuration

Would you like to ensure that affiliates have agreed to your Terms of Service? In the latest version of NATS, the Terms of Service feature prevents payouts from being stored and, depending on the configuration, prevents an affiliate from viewing statistics and link codes. This feature ensures that the Terms of Service you have set are agreed to before an affiliate can receive payment.

Affiliates can agree to terms of service before signing up.

This feature is controlled by a setting in your Configuration admin under the "Affiliates" section. The configuration "AFFILIATE_TOS_AGREE" has three levels of settings that denote whether the feature is active and to what degree:

  • Affiliate does not need to agree
  • Affiliate can view Statistics and Links but Payout will not be Stored
  • Affiliate MUST agree before viewing Statistics,Links, or Receiving payout

This new feature uses the include_support_terms template when displaying the Terms of Service to both your external visitors and your affiliates that have already logged in. And in the event you change your Terms, you can force all your affiliates to agree to the new terms by clicking the "Reset Terms of Service Records" tab in the Affiliates admin.

For further information in regards to the Terms of Service feature, please review our online documentation.

Mobile Tours and Redirects

Would you like to cater to mobile traffic on your NATS join pages? In NATS, you can create a separate mobile tour where traffic will be redirected. Once set, NATS will identify surfers going through track links with mobile devices and redirect the traffic accordingly to the new mobile tour set in NATS.

Admins Choose the mobile tour to use in the edit sites page

Setting up the mobile tour redirect in NATS will require a few steps. First, visit your Sites Admin within NATS and add a new tour for the appropriate site. As you add the tour, set the "Tour Type" option to "Mobile". Once your new tour has been added, edit your site details for that site. Find the option labeled "Mobile Tour" and select new mobile tour that was created and save your site details. Next, you will want to edit the any "_mobile" templates (Ex: join_mobile) within this new tour, since these will be displayed to any surfers visiting your join pages. Lastly, make sure that the appropriate programs are set up to be used for this tour. Once everything is set up, NATS will redirect any mobile surfers going through a tracking link to your new mobile tour for that site.

As an alternative, the latest version of NATS includes mobile detection within the site redirect system. You can now set rules so that the redirect does or does not occur if the surfer is identified as coming from a Mobile device.

For more details in regards to setting up mobile tours in NATS visit our wiki article here. For further information on setting up site redirects please visit our online documentation.

Token Plus

Do you want to simplify your token purchases? One click rebuys allow members to purchase additional tokens for your site without the need to fill out payment information again. Token Plus allows the members who have signed up through specific billers in NATS an easy way to purchase more tokens for your site.

Members can purchase more tokens without providing their credit card.

Within a token site in NATS, you will need to identify which of your options are allowed to use Token Plus. This will be done by checking the "Token Rebuy Allowed" for each applicable join option. With 2 or more "Token Rebuy Allowed" enabled join options, you will create a special link that points your members to the tokenplus.php signup page in NATS. Please Note: This link will need to include details such as username and siteid.

Token Plus is only available for certain billers. Please check our Biller List to ensure your biller(s) can use this feature. For further details in regards to setting up Token Plus, please review our online documentation.

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