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The Holidays are here Early

We have a special gift for you. How would you like the ability to manage your billing and NATS all in one interface? Interesting thought? Great, well now you can! What this means is less time managing sales, refunds and cancellations in multiple interfaces, and instead, managing them all from one proven platform, NATS.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact John Mauser at or call 732.385.1536 x1135

Highlighted Features
Database Cleanup

Would you like to clear out old and unused data in your NATS database? NATS provides a Cleanup and Maintenance Admin that will allow you to safely remove specific data from your NATS installation. Though NATS automatically optimizes vital data, this Admin may allow you to free up space of less common, and sometimes less important database records.

Large tables can be manually cleaned.

The Cleanup Database section allows you to clear out older NATS Database information. To do this, you would click on the "Clean Table" action icon next to the appropriate table. Once clicked, you will find the following options:

  • Rows Before - The date you would like data to be cleaned before. (This option is not available for all tables)
  • Max # Rows - The maximum number of rows to remove in this instance.
  • Run Backup - The Type of Backup to run. ("No Backup","MySQL Dump","CSV Dump")

Submitting the form will allow NATS to remove the data from the table specified, and free up space on your server.

The Cleanup and Maintenance Admin also makes it easy to maintain other data within your system. This includes:

  • Cleanup Logs - Allows you to clean up older log file information that is stored on your server.
  • Error Maintenance - View, resolve and delete many errors that have been caught by NATS.
  • Report Maintenance - Quickly rebuild the report summary and cached data used throughout NATS.
  • Server Status - View specific information about your server and the components installed.

For further information in regards to the Cleanup & Maintenance Admin, please visit our online documentation.

Affiliate Postbacks

Once Enabled, Affiliates can set their own postbacks Do you have Affiliates who wish to receive data from NATS when a member joins? Admins can grant special privileges that will allow affiliates to set up and manage their own custom postbacks. With this enabled, NATS will post transaction data to a URL (specified by the affiliate) each time a member transaction is reported to NATS.

The Affiliate Postback feature is disabled by default for all affiliates and for all transaction types. You can enable this globally for all Affiliates or for each Affiliate individually.

To enable Affiliate Postbacks for all Affiliates, go to the Configuration Admin and switch to the Affiliates page. Here you will find a section labeled "Postbacks" with a list of postback types that you want enabled globally. Simply check off the appropriate type and click save.

To enable or disable Affiliate Postbacks for 1 Affiliate, go to the Affiliates Admin, find the appropriate Affiliate and click the "Edit Affiliate Admin Settings" action icon. On this page you can select "Allowed", "Disallow" or "Use Global Settings" for any of the postback types listed.

Once an Affiliate has been enabled to use this feature, either globally or individually, they will find a new "Postback Settings" section within their "My Account" area. Here the Affiliate can define specific Postback URLs for any of the member transaction types that they are authorized to use.

For further details in regards to setting up this feature or how Affiliates would use it, please refer to our online documentation.

Account Representatives

Account Representatives are an available Account type Do you need help managing your affiliates, but do not want to promote them to an admin level? Account Representatives are a special affiliate type that can be used to maintain and assist other Affiliates. Special payouts can also be set up to allow Account Representatives to be paid out based on transactions earned by their assigned Affiliates. This would provide an incentive to encourage Account Representatives to check on their affiliates.

When setting up Account Representatives, you first need to create an account rep program. This program will allow you to payout Account Reps based upon the transactions that occur for affiliates underneath them. Additionally, you can set a limitation to the program to ensure that Account Reps are not paid until a set number of sales is met. Once the program has been set up, changing an affiliate to and from an Account Rep type is as simple as updating their account type within the Affiliates Admin.

Details in regards to setting up an account rep program and assigning affiliate to an account rep can be found in our on-line documentation.

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