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Mobile Tours

Would you like to cater to mobile traffic on your NATS join pages? In NATS, you can create a separate mobile tour where traffic will be redirected. Once set, any surfer going through a NATS track link, while using a mobile device, will be redirected to the new mobile tour for that site.

Admins Choose the mobile tour to use in the edit sites page

Setting up the mobile tour redirect in NATS will require a few steps. First, visit your Sites Admin within NATS and add a new tour for the appropriate site. As you add the tour, set the "Tour Type" option to "Mobile". Once you new tour has been added, edit your site details for that site. Find the option labeled "Mobile Tour" and select new mobile tour that was created and save your site details. Next, you will want to edit any "_mobile" templates (Ex: join_mobile) within this new tour, since these will be displayed to any surfers visiting your join pages. Lastly, make sure that the appropriate programs are set up to be used for this tour.

Once everything is set up, NATS will redirect any mobile surfers going through a tracking link to your new mobile tour for that site.

For more details in regards to setting up mobile tours in NATS visit our wiki article here.

Member Loginlog

Have you ever wanted to know if your Members have logged in or from where? NATS can record the member's IP address and time of login and display this information on the membership details page. Each member will have this data recorded under their member details in the "Login log" table. Login data is recorded through either a post to the member_loginlog.php script in NATS, or a call to the NATS API system:

Admins can see when a member logs in and from what IP.

Posting to the NATS script member_loginlog.php directly is a simple way to record the act of logging in. At the time the member logs into your member area, you will need to post specific information to this script. Included in your post should be the username, the IP address and site ID of the member you wish to record. Access to this script is restricted to the specific IPs that you white-list. This means that you will need to add the membership server's IP address to the SECURE_IPS configuration array (located in config.php). Your host, server Admin, or our support technicians can assist with this. Specific details regarding this feature can be found in our online documentation.

Member logging can also be recorded using a call to the NATS API system. Using the API key obtained in the NATS database, you can make a post using a SOAP call with the username, IP address, and site ID of the member you wish to record. As with the post to the member_loginlog.php script, using the API requires that you white-list the IP of the sending system before it can be used. The IP needs to be added to the ADMIN_API_ALLOWED_IPS setting, found within the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. Further details regarding the use of this feature can be found in our online documentation.

Affiliate Referral Program

Easily set up in NATS, program owners can define a payment program where Affiliates are paid based upon traffic and transactions processed by Affiliates they refer. Owners can provide a flat payment per Affiliate signup, or payout only when referred Affiliates make a certain amount of money.

A referral program in NATS requires both a referral type site, and either an "Affiliate Referral" or "Affiliate Referral 8 Tiers" program. To start, visit your Program Admin and create a new program. With an "8 Tier" program, you will define a percentage of the original transaction for up to 8 tiers (8 affiliates). With the standard Affiliate referral program, a payout can be set for only two tiers, or 2 additional affiliates. Also with the standard referral program, you can include things like flat payouts and even special delays defining when the first tiered payout should be made.

Once you have an Affiliate Referral Program created, you will want to connect it to an Affiliate Referral type site. If you have not added the site, please do so at this time. With the Affiliate type site created, edit your referral program again and add the appropriate sites/tours into the program. Once this is all done, Affiliates will be able to retrieve link codes which they can use to refer other Affiliates.

For more details in regards to setting up an Affiliate referral site or program, visit our online documentation.

Biller Fees in NATS

Would you like to have NATS account for fees charged by you payment processors? NATS can be set to account for transaction fees on a transaction type basis to match you payment processor fees. Additionally, NATS can also account for fees associated to negative transactions such as credits or chargebacks.

Setting up these fees is done in the Billers Admin by clicking the Set Biller Fees action icon for each of your billers. Once on this page, Admins can set the transaction fees and deduction fees for NATS to use when handling transactions.

Transaction fees are associated transactions with positive amounts such as Initial or Rebill transactions. You can set fees for a particular transaction type or set the fee for "All Charges". Fees can also be set to one specific processing type, such as cc (credit card) or check. After setting the transaction and process type, set the flat fee and/or the percentage charge (% charge) to be calculated per transaction. If both items are set, both will be taken into account. Lastly, you will need to set how this fee should be deducted in NATS. There are four different ways to configure how fees are deducted:

Biller Fees can be set for one or all transaction and processing type
  • "Never" means the fee will not be deducted from affiliates or from your Profit and Loss.
  • "After Affiliate Payout" will deduct the fee after the Affiliate is paid so that you are paying for the transaction.
  • "From Affiliate Payout" will deduct from the Affiliate's payout so that they are paying for the transaction.
  • "Before Affiliate Payout" will deduct the fee before any payout so that both you and your Affiliates are sharing the cost of the transaction. Please Note: this will only have an effect on percentage-based payouts.

You can also set Deduction Fees that are used to account for negative transactions such as Credits and Chargebacks. The options for deduction fees are very similar to the the transaction fees, allowing you to set the deduction type, processing type, flat or percentage fee, and when it should be deducted. The specific deduct options are a little different here than what was found when adding a "Transaction Charge". They are: "Never", "From Program", and "From Affiliate". Additionally, with Deduction Fees, there is an option called "Return Original Trans Fee". When set, NATS will refund the transaction fee associated with the original sale. This is useful if your payment processor charges you for only a Credit Transaction, and not both the Initial and Credit Transactions.

For further details in regards to setting up Biller Fees in NATS 4, please visit our wiki article here.

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