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As marketing and management are evolving in our industry, so are the software solutions we create to ensure you have the tools to continually grow your business. Our latest solution, NATS for Networks is a powerful SaaS solution to assist you in managing your affiliate marketing while offering real-time metric reporting for those who know that data is king. Our network software helps you analyze the metrics you want to track, efficiently, providing you with invaluable reporting to increase your ROI.

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Highlighted Features
Simple Join Page Customization

With a few simple changes in the NATS admin, you can easily customize your join pages. Using features built into NATS, program owners can create a customized NATS join page without the need to edit any HTML or SMARTY code. This allows owners to have a site's join page configured and looking great within a few minutes.

NATS allows customization of your join pages without the need to edit site templates by hand. First, you can edit a text description and text disclaimer displayed on the join page itself. To do so, find the tour that you would like to edit, and edit the tour details. On this page, you have the option of setting the Form text and Disclaimer for both your Main join page and your Gateway join page. The "Form Text" will show up next to the Username and Password fields while the "Disclaimer" will be found at the bottom of the page which provides a quick description and disclaimer for your surfers. Make sure to save your changes once you are done.

NATS Robust Join page provides Endless customization at your fingertips

Next, you can use our "Edit Join CSS" tool to update the join page banner and colors for each of your sites and tours. To do so, navigate to the Sites Admin and find the "Edit Join CSS" action icon next to the site you want to update. The "Edit Join CSS" page, much like what is found with Skins and Templates, will allow you to select and set color schemes for your join page without the need to make HTML code changes. Using our color picker when setting colors, you can select a color without the need to know the HexCode used for colors. Additionally, you can set Banner and Background images for a more customized look to your join page.

For more details in regards to simple customizations of your membership join pages, visit our online documentation.

Configure Site Redirect

Want to retire a site's tour or campaign but don't want to lose the traffic being sent there? NATS includes a Site redirect feature allowing you to redirect traffic from something old, to something new, while still maintaining Affiliate credit. This allows you to ensure Affiliate traffic is being sent precisely where you wish it to be.

Redirects to new Tours can be done within the Sites admin.

For each site in the Sites Admin, there is an action icon to "Configure Redirects". Once on this page, you can view/manage redirects already set up, or add a new redirect into your system. When adding a new redirect, you will define where the site traffic will be redirected to. This may include changing to a new tour, a new program, or even a new URL altogether. Additionally, you can define the percentage of traffic to be redirected, whether you want the redirect to be tracked, if you want this redirect to be enabled for all traffic to the site, and if it should be "Enabled By Default". Once added, if "Enabled By Default" was not set for the redirect, you will need to click the "Set Active Rules" action icon and tell NATS when the redirect will actually take place.

For more details on the set up and configuration of Site Redirects, visit our online documentation.

Account Types and Permissions

NATS includes the ability for Admins to create new account types with custom affiliate permissions. This allows Admins to have additional account types that can be commonly used rather than setting specific permissions for all necessary affiliates.

Create New Account Types in the Affiliates Admin

To manage these types, go to your Affiliates Admin and click on the tab labeled "Account Types". On this page you can create new types by filling out the "Add New Account Type" form. When adding a new account type, you would fill out the Name and set a Thumbnail Icon if you have one available.

Additionally, you can set the default settings for any of your account types by clicking the appropriate "Show Default Permissions" action icon in the displayed list. Once saved, the permissions will be used for any affiliate set with that account type.

For more details in regards to setting Affiliate Access permissions, please review our on-line documentation on-line documentation.

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