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Happy New Year from Too Much Media

Happy New Year to all of our valued Too Much Media clients and supporters! Thank you for your continued support of our products and services. Our staff is continuing to add new and exciting features to our products to better suit your needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals throughout this coming year. Be sure to keep a look out of our upcoming Too Much Media Insider newsletters, which contain further information on Too Much Media-related products and happenings.

Highlighted Features
Email Notification Settings

Available in the latest version of NATS, owners can define additional email addresses that will receive a copy of the email sent to members when certain transactions occur. This offers customer service representatives or even site partners who would not normally have access to NATS the ability to receive emails when a member joins, rebills and more.

Since notifications are defined per tour, you will need to visit your sites admin and edit the appropriate tour. Within the "Email Notification Settings" section, you will find multiple transaction types and a textbox next to each. Each textbox allows you to define which email address should receive a copy of member emails for that type. You can also set multiple emails by setting a comma separated list of email address within each textbox. Once saved, NATS will send an email to the addresses you have defined for any future transactions matching that type.

For further information in regards to setting up email notifications per tour, please visit our online documentation.

NATS Gateway One Step Join Page

Members will sign up using one page rather than two Would you like members signing up through your Gateway Billers to see one (1) join page instead of two (2)? Within NATS, Admins can set their Gateway Billers to use a Gateway One Step Cascade. When using this process, a new member signing up will see both membership and payment details on one page.

To set up a Gateway One Step join page, visit your Billers Admin and create a new cascade. Once created, you would add a Gateway Biller to be the first biller in this cascade. Next, edit the cascade itself, change the weight to be set to "Gateway One Step Cascade" and save your changes. Like any other cascade, you would set the cascade rules to make this cascade available for the sites you wish. While making these changes, please take note of the Cascade ID.

The next step in setting this up would be to modify the look and feel of the sign up page that will be displayed to a new member. When using a Gateway One Step, NATS will no longer use the "join" template for the affected site(s). Instead, NATS will use the "gateway_onestep_join" template within the given site. To edit this, visit your sites admin, click the Edit Site Templates icon for the appropriate site, find the "gateway_onestep_join" template and click the appropriate icon to make changes to this template.

Once you have set up the cascade, set up display rules, and have updated the appropriate site templates, you will need to update the links to your join page to include the Cascade ID of the new cascade. An example link would look like this:

Adding "&cascade=3" (3 being the ID of your new cascade) to you join links will tell NATS to always use the new Gateway One Step Cascade and display the appropriate template to the member. For further details in regards to this set up please visit our documentation here.

Password Retrieval

Members can retrieve their password using the NATS form NATS offers an easy solution for your Members to quickly retrieve their lost or forgotten passwords. Site owners provide a special link to their Members that will display a small request form. This form requires the Member to provide basic account information before emailing the password to their registered email address.

To provide this option for your Members, you would link to the page "/signup/password.php" in your NATS installation with specific parameters. You would need to provide at least the siteid of the site the Member is retrieving their password for. You can also include details such as the Member's username, email address, or memberid in NATS. Once on this page, the Member will input their username and email and NATS will send an email with their password information.

For further information on utilizing the password script for your Members, please visit our wiki article here.

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