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New NATS Version Released

We are proud to announce the latest version of NATS is now available for upgrade. New billers and features in this version include:

  • Setting GATEWAY_HTTPS domains for each site/tour.
  • Allow VERP as an email method.
  • Updates on Bulk import of adtools.

A more detailed list of Billers, Third Party Partners, Features and Updates is available in our change log article. To upgrade to the latest version of NATS please submit a support ticket with our techs. Please keep in mind that upgrades are only performed from Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10AM and 4PM Eastern Time.

Highlighted Features
Split A-B testing/redirects

Send a percentage of traffic through a redirect. Are you looking to split traffic between multiple tours? This can be accomplished in NATS by using redirects to point traffic to different tours at different times.

Split testing requires that you have set up more than one tour in your site. You can add a new tour by navigating to your Sites Admin, clicking on the "Add New Tour" action icon [] for the appropriate site, and setting up your tour information. Once a site has multiple tours, and these tours have been assigned to the appropriate programs, navigate back to your Sites Admin and click on the "Configure Redirects" action icon []. Here you will create one redirect for each tour that you will be splitting traffic for. When adding a redirect, you will:

  • Define the tour / program to be redirected to.
  • Set the appropriate percentage of traffic that will be redirected each time.
  • Set whether you want it to be tracked.

Once you have created your redirects, set the rules for each to govern when the redirect to the tour would be triggered.

For a more detailed explanation on how to set up A-B testing, please visit our online documentation here.

Token Plus

Do you want to simplify your token purchases? One click rebuys allow members to purchase additional tokens for your site without the need to fill out payment information again. Token Plus allows the members who have signed up through specific billers in NATS an easy way to purchase more tokens for your site.

Members can purchase more tokens without providing their credit card.

Within a token site in NATS, you will need to identify which of your options are allowed to use Token Plus. This will be done by checking the "Token Rebuy Allowed" for each applicable join option. With 2 or more "Token Rebuy Allowed" enabled join options, you will create a special link that points your members to the tokenplus.php signup page in NATS. Please Note: This link will need to include details such as username and siteid.

Token Plus is only available for certain billers. Please check our Biller List to ensure your biller(s) can use this feature. For further details in regards to setting up Token Plus, please review our online documentation.

Manually Resend And Automatically Retry Postback

Have you ever needed NATS to repost important data? In the latest version, you can have Clicking on "Resend" will force NATS to resend any postbacks NATS repost individual member data and transaction information to the postback script that you have configured for that site and tour. This is very useful in the event that your scripts did not process a post properly, or if you need to receive the latest information for that user.

Manually reposting the data can happen at any time within your Members Admin. When viewing an individual member in your Members Admin, you will find a link next to each of their transactions. When clicked, NATS will resend any post information for this specific transaction type. Depending on your settings in NATS, this may include a User Management post and/or a Postback for the specific transaction type.

NATS also includes a feature where failed postbacks can be retried automatically. In the configuration admin, under the "Cronjobs" section, you can set the 'RETRY_FAILED_POSTBACKS' configuration to the number of times you would like NATS to attempt to send failed postbacks. In addition the 'CRON_RUN_FAILED_POSTBACKS' feature sets how often you would like this process to run at 3,6,or 12 times a day.

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