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Too Much Media hires John Mauser as Director, Sales and Marketing

Too Much Media is pleased to announce the recent hire of John Mauser, Director of Sales and Marketing for the family of TMM products.

In his new position, Mauser will provide sales team leadership, insights and strategies for driving revenue and forging new partnerships with industry brands. In addition, he will be spearheading Too Much Media’s marketing initiatives as we get ready to launch our newest product, NATS for Networks.

“I was attracted to Too Much Media based on the opportunity to work with such an established and respected company in the industry. The dedication to the level of support I’ve seen provided to our clients over the years is unparalleled,” Mauser said. “We have some exciting opportunities approaching with our newest product offering coming to market and I look forward to serving our existing and future client base.”

“As part of our recent growth, we’re moving to put proven experience in key roles across sales and marketing to ensure we continue providing the most effective and integrated marketing and sales programs for our business,” said John Albright, CEO at Too Much Media. “We’re thrilled to be adding such a talent to the team, one who brings excitement and strong experience in the sales and marketing position.”

Mauser comes to Too Much Media with 15 years of executive sales, marketing and management experience across multiple channels. With a diverse background, Mauser has been an integral leader within industry for affiliate management, ecommerce, sales, marketing and distribution throughout his career.

If you’d like to introduce yourself or speak with John directly, please email him at:

New NATS Version Released

We are proud to announce the latest version of NATS is now available for upgrade. New billers and features in this version include:

  • Setting GATEWAY_HTTPS domains for each site/tour.
  • Allow VERP as an email method.
  • Updates on Bulk import of adtools.

A more detailed list of Billers, Third Party Partners, Features and Updates is available in our change log article. To upgrade to the latest version of NATS please submit a support ticket with our techs. Please keep in mind that upgrades are only performed from Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10AM and 4PM Eastern Time.

News from vocaONE Verification

VocaSIGN, now available in NATS, allows owners to include additional verification of a member's identity when signing up for a site. Increased verification reduces fraud and chargebacks on invalid transactions. vocaONE includes details in a recent press release:

Voice biometric technology helps reduce fraud, increase efficiency, improve customer experience, and cut costs. Financial institutions, for instance, have already identified voice biometrics as one of the best methods to secure their data, eliminate the need for PIN-based passwords, and automate log-in processes. It’s also the most cost-effective option and is easy to deploy because it doesn’t require special equipment and works over any phone. We’ve created three services with vocaONE that will benefit our banking, gateway, and merchant clients:

  • vocaMATCH™: Automates your call center (cuts costs by 50%).
  • vocaPASS™ :Maximizes premium content revenue (by eliminating account sharing).
  • VocaSIGN™: Eliminates chargebacks with voice-based e-signatures.

By the way, vocaONE is already a part of the standard NATS integration. To learn about this fascinating project, ping Aaron Slominski at 888-765-0950 or go to

To have VocaSIGN added to your NATS installation, please create a support ticket in the client area. You can also read more about VocaSIGN in our online documentation here.

Server Moves

Let us help you move your NATS installation. Too Much Media offers a service to help move your NATS or CARMA installation from one server to another. This service includes transferring files, checking that the database connections work correctly and updating necessary configurations. We will also assist you with testing once the transfer is complete. We provide this service for the fee of $195. To request a server move, please put in a support ticket with us.

Member Logging

Have you ever wanted to know if your Members have logged in or from where? NATS can record the member's IP address and time of login and display this information on the membership details page. Each member will have this data recorded under their member details in the "Login log" table. Login data is recorded through either a post to a script or a call to the NATS API system.

Admins can see when a member logs in and from what IP.

To record this, you will need to post specific information to the NATS script member_loginlog.php at the time the member logs in to your members area. Included in your post should be the username, the IP address and site ID of the member you wish to record. Access to this script is restricted for security reasons so you will need to add the membership server's ip address to the SECURE_IPS configuration array (located in config.php). Your host, server Admin, or our support technicians can assist with this. Specific details regarding this feature can be found in our online documentation.

Logging can also be recorded using a call to the NATS API system. Using the API key obtained in the NATS database, you can make a post using a SOAP call with the username, IP address, and site ID of the member they wish to record. As with the post to the member_loginlog.php script, to allow posts to your NATS API, you need to add the IP of the sending system to the ADMIN_API_ALLOWED_IPS list, found in the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. Further details regarding the use of this feature can be found in our online documentation.

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