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New Product: NATS for Networks

We are excited to introduce the latest product in our line of award winning software. NATS for Networks is a hosted tracking and management platform built around the needs of CPA networks. We combined the industry leading features of NATS with a flexible transaction model to provide the best network solution available. Drive traffic to your own offers or rebroker from any network. Record conversions, continuities, and custom transaction types to fit your business needs. Interested in NATS for Networks? Contact us for more information: 732-385-1536, or put in a support ticket.


Too Much Media is excited to announce our 12th year sponsoring the QWEBEC EXPO. We will debut our latest product NATS for Networks. Stop by and receive a live demo and talk with our knowledgeable staff. Visit our booth (301+401) for a tech lead demo. If you're unable to visit our booth, please contact us for more information: 732-385-1536, See you all in Montreal!

Dedicated Tech Support

We are now offering a new service for anyone who needs help setting up NATS for the first time or needs help with extensive changes to their installation. The TMM Dedicated Support Service provides you priority access to one of our experienced support staff. Our tech will assist setting up NATS, providing any necessary imports, and troubleshooting any concerns in your installation, all at a reduced hourly support rate. Please note, this service requires an agreed upon minimum number of hours of work. If you're interested in a quote or more details in regards to this service, please put in a new support ticket with us here.

Affiliate Sign-up Limitations

Would you like to limit who can sign up to your NATS Affiliate program? NATS provides Admins the ability to force Affiliates to verify their email or provide a program password in order to complete an Affiliate signup. Additionally, you can set configurations in NATS so that Admins would need to manually activate Affiliates before they are able to sign in and promote your sites. These options help program owners ensure that the Affiliates who sign up are ones that they wish to promote their sites.

Use CLOSED_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP to add a signup password to the signup page

These configurations, found in your Configuration Admin under the Affiliates section, include the following:

  • RESELLER_VERIFY sends the Affiliate an email on a signup. The Affiliate will not be able to log into NATS until their email is verified.
  • RESELLER_MANUAL_ACTIVATION requires that you manually activate the Affiliate in the Affiliates Admin after they sign up.
  • CLOSED_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP allows you to set a password for the Affiliate signup page. This means that Affiliates would not be able to sign up to your Affiliate area unless they provide the password which you have set.

With these limitations, you can control or review any of the Affiliates who sign up to your NATS installation. For more details on using these features, please visit our on-line documentation.


Are you looking for new ways to cross promote your sites? Using upsells allows members the ability to sign up to additional sites without providing payment information again by using existing active subscriptions. This adds the opportunity for members to easily sign up for more sites within NATS.

Members can verify with their email to instantly sign up to additional Upsells

When creating Upsells for your own site, much like cross sales, you would create the incoming upsell first. When creating the incoming upsale you would set details including the site and program that the upsell will be for as well as basic amounts and biller details. Once created, you would then create a new outgoing upsell where you would provide details to be displayed on an external page, biller information, and set display rules to govern when the upsell will show up.

After the outgoing upsale is created, you can link your members to a special page that will display the available upsells that the member can choose. This special page, called UpsellPlus, is linked to by including the current members siteid and username. Once on this page, the member will be presented with the upsell options to create a new membership.

Please Note: Upsells are only available for supported billers. For a list of these billers, please review the following article. For more details in regards to setting up upsells within NATS, please visit our on-line documentation.

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