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In-House Accounts

Do you need special tracking and payout changes for In-House affiliates? NATS provides options to account for this type of affiliate and their traffic to help you manage how they get paid out.

Set In-House accounts through the Affiliates Admin

Marking an affiliate account as In-House is done within the Affiliate Admin. To set this, find the affiliate, go to their "Affiliate Admin Settings", check off "In-House Account" and save the changes. Once this is done, an In-House affiliate's traffic is given a lower priority than a normal affiliate's traffic. This helps ensure that regular affiliates get the opportunity to get credit for a referral over an In-House account.

To prevent payout for an In-House affiliate, you would add a new payout change for each of the payout programs that this affiliate is allowed into. When creating a payout change, you would set the change to include the specific affiliate and the change type as "Disable Payout"

For further details in regards to In-House affiliates, their tracking, and their payout, visit our on-line documentation here.

Package Plus

Are you looking to allow your members to switch between specified package options? NATS allows you to do this using our Package Plus feature. When this featured is implemented, Admins can set up several options in which members can switch between after becoming a full member. Options Can be set as Packages This may offer different levels of access to a member, ensuring they can select the best option for their needs.

To set up Package Plus, you would first need to set which join options should be grouped together within a package. This is done by setting the same "Package ID" for any new or existing join options within 1 site. You will also need to turn on the setting "Package Upgrade Allowed" for each of these grouped options. Without both of these settings, NATS will not allow your members to upgrade or switch to different membership options.

Once your grouped join options have been set for your site, you will need to provide a special link to your current members. This link must include their username and the siteid of the site that they are a member of, using the following format:


This feature is limited to certain billers who have been integrated. To find out which billers have been integrated, please visit our online documentation here. For more details in setting up Package Plus, as well as additional settings and security features, visit our online documentation here.

Affiliate Feed

Do your affiliates want to retrieve their statistics outside of NATS? NATS can provide the affiliate's statistics in the form of an RSS feed or an XML feed without the need for them to log into NATS. With this, Affiliates can have data automatically populated in a program outside of NATS.

Affiliates can turn on XML and RSS feeds

Before an Affiliate can retrieve their data, they would first need to allow the feed to be available within their account. In the "My Accounts" page, Affiliates would modify their account details and turn on "Enable Statistic Feeds". Once this is done any of their statistic pages will have links that can be used to go to a RSS Feed or an XML feed.

Further details in regards to using the RSS or XML feeds for Affiliates can be found in our on-line documentation here.

Payout Changes

Looking to payout affiliates a special amount for specific traffic? NATS offers a way for Admins to create special payout changes which will effect the payments made to an affiliate. This special payout change can be set up to happen one time, at a certain time, recurring over time, or even allow you to disable payouts altogether. You can even target the payment to affect specific sites, tours, billers, options and a member's country of origin.

Set Payout changes by specific criteria

To create a new payout change, go to the Programs Admin. Find the program to which you want to add a payout change and click on the "Edit Payout Changes" icon. This page will allow you to manage any currently set payout changes for this program, as well as add new changes. To get started, click the tab labeled "Add Payout Change". You will be asked to define whether the change is specific to an affiliate, site, tour, biller, option or country. You will also define what type of payout change this will be. This will include:

  • Standard Change: Allows you to set a completely new payout given the set criteria.
  • Disable Payout: Used when you don't want to payout affiliates at all, typically used for in-house affiliate accounts.
  • Temporary Change: Allows you to set a time-frame for when this payout change is used, useful when setting up promotional periods for your affiliates.
  • Tiered Payout Change: Allows you to set up a tiered payout program for your affiliates where they earn more payout the more signups that they get.
  • Recurring Change: Allows you to set up a change similar to a Temporary change, only this payout will recur so you don't need to set up multiple temporary changes.

Once the criteria has been set and saved, the next page allows you to set the new payout(s) for this change, as well as any special settings for this change.

For further information in regards to setting up payout changes, visit our on-line documentation.

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