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Account Types and Permissions

NATS includes the ability for Admins to create new account types with custom affiliate permissions. This allows Admins to have additional account types that can be commonly used rather than setting specific permissions for all necessary affiliates.

Create New Account Types in the Affiliates Admin

To manage these types, go to your Affiliates Admin and click on the tab labeled "Account Types". On this page you can create new types by filling out the "Add New Account Type" form. When adding a new account type, you would fill out the Name and set a Thumbnail Icon if you have one available.

Additionally, you can set the default settings for any of your account types by clicking the appropriate "Show Default Permissions" action icon in the displayed list. Once saved, the permissions will be used for any affiliate set with that account type.

For more details in regards to setting Affiliate Access permissions, please review our on-line documentation.

Server Move Support

Let us help you move your NATS installation. Too Much Media offers a service to help move your NATS or CARMA installation from one server to another. This service includes transferring files, checking that the database connections work correctly and updating necessary configurations. We will also assist you with testing once the transfer is complete. We provide this service for the fee of $195. To request a server move, please put in a support ticket with us here.

Going Live Checklist

Are you in the final stages of setting up NATS or just adding a new site into NATS? We offer a Going Live checklist that provides a list of important tasks to complete, tests to run and settings to check before going live with your new integration. Some of these tasks include setting up billers and cascades, adding fresh ad tools, checking email settings within your configuration and much more. Working through this list will help program owners check that their site is ready to be promoted by Affiliates. The going live checklist is available in our online documentation.

Configuring New Payment Periods

Do you manage affiliates that require payments to be sent on a different schedule? NATS includes customizable payout periods that Admins can set up for their Affiliates. This new feature allows payments to be built based on days of the month, days of the week, or after a set amount of days.

The "Payout Periods" tab is located in the Payments admin

To get started, navigate to the Payments Admin and click on the "Payout Periods" tab. At the bottom of the Payout Period list, find the text box labeled "New Payout Period Description". Fill this out and click the "Add" button. Once the new payout period is created, it can be configured in one of four ways: once a month, multiple times a month, weekly, or a set number of days. Next, you can set the payout delay. This is the number of periods that payments are to be held back/delayed. Lastly, checking the "Enabled" checkbox will allow Affiliates to choose this option as their payout period.

Once set up, Admins can manage which affiliates are using each payout period. Within the Payments Admin, you can enabled or disabled multiple Affiliates at one time. Within the Affiliates Admin, you can set the proper payment period for each individual affiliate, one at a time.

For more details on setting up different payout periods, including the configuration for each payment build period, please visit our online documentation.

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