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Happy New Years from Too Much Media

Happy New Year to all of our valued Too Much Media clients and supporters! Thank you for your continued support of our products and services. Our staff is continuing to add new and exciting features to our products to better suit your needs.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals throughout this coming year. Be sure to keep a look out of our upcoming Too Much Media Insider newsletters, which contain further information on Too Much Media-related products and happenings.

Highlighted Features
Throttling in NATS

Throttling is a security setting which will allow Admins to prevent surfers from accessing a particular page if they attempt too many requests. Restricting the number of attempts that can be made for particular pages can help prevent authorization strings for transactions from being entered through brute force.

Throttling is a security setting in the NATS Configuration Admin

To configure Throttling through NATS, you would first go to the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. In this page the Throttling section has options for THROTTLE_WHITE_LIST_IPS and THROTTLE_BLACK_LIST_IPS. These configurations are a comma-separated list of IP address that will always pass or fail the Throttling checks, Admins can whitelist their IP address for testing purposes of particular pages. The available pages where Throttling is available is on the Approval, Upgradeplus, Upgraded, Upsellplus, Packageplus, and Tokenplus pages. For each of these pages, Admins can set first what counts as a page request to either Off, Every Page Request, or Failed Page Authentication, which will only occur whenever authentication fails for that particular page.

For further details in regards to using the Throttling system, please visit our wiki article here.

NATS Backup Service

Reduce the risk of losing your NATS data permanently with Too Much Media's remote backup service. This service will back up your NATS files, NATS database, and any custom Smarty functions and templates, all to an off-site server. If a situation arises where a backup needs to be restored, we will reinstall NATS and/or re-import any data you may have lost free of charge.

We can help prevent data loss

We at Too Much Media recommend setting up a backup service through either us or your hosting company to ensure redundancy of your data. Our Standard Remote Backup service costs a flat fee of $75 per month, and includes three (3) backups to our server per week. If that's not enough for you, we also offer a Daily Remote Backup service, which provides you with daily backups of all your NATS files, database, and templates for $150 per month. Using this feature provides redundancy for your data, which is crucial for recovering it in cases of emergency.

Please put in a support ticket if you are interested in adding this backup service to your NATS installation.

Cross Sales in NATS

Cross sales allow owners to promote additional sites while members are signing up for one of your sites. In NATS, owners set up cross sales specific to the biller that they are using. This provides an opportunity for members to sign up for an additional site allowing for more revenue to your NATS installation.

When setting up cross sales in NATS, you will need to know the type of cross sale you would like to include, and which biller will be involved in the cross sale itself.

Incoming and Outgoing Cross Sale Types

Incoming cross sales are additional sales which will be posted into your NATS installation and may come from NATS installations other than your own. Outgoing cross sales are sales which you would promote on your own join pages and may be going to an affiliate software outside your NATS installation. If you are cross selling your own sites on your own join pages, you would set up both an incoming and an outgoing cross sale.

Cross Sale Billers

As you add both incoming or outgoing cross sales to your NATS installation, you will need to specify a biller, any important biller details, and other settings required by NATS for that sale. You may need to work directly with your biller, or even the owner of the affiliate software outside your NATS installation, to set these up properly.

For a list of biller who support cross sales, please check the biller list. For more details on the entire process of setting up a cross sale visit our online documentation.

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