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Cascade Weights

NATS has many features that can be used creatively to optimize your affiliate program. For example, NATS allows Admins to split traffic between two cascades by using the weight setting. This weight can be modified so that one cascade may show up for a surfer more often than another. The cascade weight can be used in other ways such as setting the order of the cascade on the join form or changing the cascade to one of the special weights: Automatic Cascade, Gateway One Step Cascade, and Hide Cascade.

Cascades can be set to a numeric weight or a special weight.

The cascade weight is set when editing the cascade in the Billers Admin. In this page you will have the option to set either a numeric weight or choose from the available alternate cascade settings. With a numeric weight, you can either set the order of the the cascades are displayed on the join page or set how NATS chooses between two or more cascades if they have the same description. Cascades are ordered by the highest weight at the top to the lowest weight at the bottom. Details on using weights to split traffic between two or more cascades can be found in our online documentation.

Additional settings for Cascades set alternative behavior, sending a member through a new cascade process or preventing them from seeing the cascade at all.

  • An Automatic Cascade, allows surfers to bypass the NATS pre-join page, sending them directly to the first biller in the cascade. Common uses for this feature include sending the member to the first biller to have them collect all necessary information or to consolidate the join process into one page rather than two. Information about automatic cascades can be found here.
  • Gateway One Step Cascades lets surfers fill out all of their sign up information on one page with your gateway billers, skipping the pre-join form. Read our article on Gateway One Step cascades here.
  • Hide Cascade, this removes this cascade as an option on the NATS join page and can only be used by forcing the cascade id on the join template. This is useful if you want to have this cascade only show up for a specific join template or to automatically submit the join form with a cascade not available on the template. More details on setting up a hidden cascade can be found here.
Member Loginlog

Have you ever wanted to know if your Members have logged in or from where? NATS can record the member's IP address and time of login and display this information on the membership details page. Each member will have this data recorded under their member details in the "Login log" table. Login data is recorded through either a post to a script or a call to the NATS API system.

Admins can see when a member logs in and from what IP.

To record this, you will need to post specific information to the NATS script member_loginlog.php at the time the member logs in to your members area. Included in your post should be the username, the IP address and site ID of the member you wish to record. Access to this script is restricted for security reasons so you will need to add the membership server's ip address to the SECURE_IPS configuration array (located in config.php). Your host, server Admin, or our support technicians can assist with this. Specific details regarding this feature can be found in our online documentation.

Member logging can also be recorded using a call to the NATS API system. Using the API key obtained in the NATS database, you can make a post using a SOAP call with the username, IP address, and site ID of the member they wish to record. As with the post to the member_loginlog.php script, to allow posts to your NATS API, you need to add the IP of the sending system to the ADMIN_API_ALLOWED_IPS list, found in the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. Further details regarding the use of this feature can be found in our online documentation.

Token Plus

One click rebuys allow members to purchase additional tokens for your site without the need to fill out payment information again. Token plus allows the members who have signed up through specific billers in NATS an easy way to purchase more tokens for your site.

Members can add more tokens without the need to re-enter payment information.

Once your token site is set up, you can set each of your join options with the setting "Token Rebuy Allowed", which identify the options that you would like to allow to use token plus. Once your options are set, you would link the member from your Token membership area to the tokenplus.php page, making sure to include details such as username and siteid.

Tokenplus is only available for certain billers. Please check our Biller List to ensure your biller(s) can use this feature. For further details in regards to setting up tokenplus, please review our online documentation.

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If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
Centili in NATS
The payment processor Centili is now integrated as a Mobile payment option within NATS. This processor will allow customers coming through your NATS join page to pay with their mobile phone. To sign up as a merchant with Centili, please visit their website here. Once signed up as a merchant, review our set up documentation.