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Package Plus

To use Package Plus, options must first be set with a Package ID The latest version of NATS provides a feature allowing members to switch between specified package options. Using our Package Plus feature, Admins can set up several options in which members can switch between after becoming a full member. This may offer different levels of access to a member, ensuring they can select the best option for their needs.

To set up Package Plus, you would first need to set which join options should be grouped together within a package. This is done by setting the same "Package ID" for any new or existing join options within 1 site. You will also need to turn on the setting "Package Upgrade Allowed" for each of these grouped options. Without both of these settings, NATS will not allow your members to upgrade or switch to different membership options.

Once your grouped join options have been set for your site, you will need to provide a special link to your current members. This link must include their username and the siteid of the site that they are a member of, using the following format:


This feature is limited to certain billers who have been integrated. To find out which billers have been integrated, please visit our online documentation here. For more details in setting up Package Plus, as well as additional settings and security features, visit our online documentation on Package Plus here.

Tour Inheritance

NATS makes it easy to set up new tours and tour details, without entering the tour information multiple times. This allows program owners to set up a new tour campaign quickly.

Any change to a New Tour can be Reverted using the Revert Icon

Each site within your program starts with one MAIN tour. New tours added to this site will inherit all the details from the MAIN tour of that site. This means that all biller settings, join options, templates, and tour information found within your MAIN tour are automatically used within the new tour. From that point on, any changes saved in the MAIN tour will be automatically reflected within the new tour, without having to update both.

Though the new tour is using inherited details from the MAIN tour of that site, you can update the new tour with any independent settings you like. These new tour settings will not be reflected within the MAIN tour and changes in the MAIN tour will not override these new settings. This is very useful when creating specific tours, maybe with discounted options. If at any time you want to remove the customized details in the new tour, you can easily revert your changes with just a few clicks.

For more details in regards to changes that can be made to tours, visit our online documentation here.

NATS Modify Type-In Member Configuration

NATS 4 allows Admins the ability to permanently assign an affiliate to any type-in member. A "Type-In" membership would be any member who has signed up to your site and did not go through a NATS tracking link for an affiliate. Assigning a member to an affiliate after the initial sign-up allows the affiliate to be paid for subsequent recurring transactions.

Admins can set an Affiliate to a Type-In Membership

Before you are able to modify Type-in memberships, you would first need to turn on the configuration MODIFY_TYPEIN_TRAFFIC. This setting is found in your Configuration Admin under the "Misc" section. Once enabled, edit any active Type-In member and find the "Assign Affiliate" section of the form. This section will allow you to look up affiliates by providing possible affiliate usernames when you start typing. Once you have selected the affiliate, you can then select the program and click "Edit Member Info" to save your changes. At this point, any future recurring transactions for that member, under that subscription, would be associated and paid to the affiliate you have assigned.

Details in regards to setting and using this feature can be found in our documentation here.

Linkcodes & Tools Admin

Available in NATS is an Admin page allowing program owners to generate NATS codes from specific details or decode a NATS code provided. The Linkcodes & Tools Admin is found through your Adtools Admin under the tab "Linkcodes". Other Tools found in this Admin include a page allowing Admins to create Switch Track (strack) links and links that can be used in Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs). These tools allow Admins to quickly retrieve codes, links, and details in regards to NATS codes.

NATS provides tools to generate and decode NATS codes

In the "Linkcodes" page, the first table on the page provides program owners a "Create NATS Linkcode" tool. Specify the affiliate, campaign, program, site, tour, and additional identifiers and the output of this table will include encoded, unencoded, and shortname style link codes for both PHP and Smarty. The second table allows an Admin to decode a Nats code from a full url or stand-alone code. The decoded details will provide the affiliate, campaign, program, site, tour, and adtool information for the entered code.

In addition to a Link code generator and decoder, NATS provides a "Strack Builder" and a "Gallery Links" tools to assist you in generating links for your tours or your FHGs. The "Strack Builder" allows you to set up a switch track link by specifying the site, tour, program, and tracking flag that you want to switch to. The output of which would be a smarty and a PHP version of the Strack link. The "Gallery Links" tool provides links to your tour or join page based upon your selections of site, tour, adtoolid, and subid 1 and 2. The output would be PHP and Smarty versions of tracking links to your tour page and your join form. These tools provide links for you making the set up between your tours and FHGs quicker.

For more details in regards to these tools, please refer to our online documentation here.

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