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GoCoin Integration in NATS 4

Merchants can now accept digital currency payments through Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. NATS 4 has integrated with payment processor to perform transactions as a special join option. To sign up as a merchant with GoCoin please visit their website here. Once registered, you can review our online documentation. If you have any questions for GoCoin, please send them directly to Jessica at

Highlighted Features
Active Subscription Count Report

The latest version of NATS includes a new report allowing you to see how many members were active in the past. By setting time and site details, a report will be provided listing out the number of active subscriptions broken down by Month. This will help you see trends in active subscriptions within your NATS installation.

In your NATS Reporting Admin, set the "View Report" drop-down to "Active Subscription Count" and click the "Change Report" button. When the page refreshes, you will find this new report, along with the limitations mentioned above. Once your limitations have been submitted, you will see the details of active subscriptions broken down by Month.

Bulk Invoice

In the latest NATS version, version, Admins now have the ability to add manual invoices to multiple Affiliates using this new import feature. This will allow Admins to add payouts to multiple Affiliates without the need to make the change for each Affiliate manually. This feature is useful when providing a bonus to Affiliates after a promotional period.

Within the Payments Admin, you would select the Navigation Tab labeled "Bulk Payments". Here you will find a large textarea to enter the new payments. Each payment will be added to this textarea onto a new line, using the following format: Affiliate's Username Seperater Payment Amount. An example may be "OneAffiliate,23.96", where OneAffiliate will be given 23.96. Below the textarea, please provide the Seperater and Line Ending Character, if one is present. Once this is all set, you would click the "Import Invoices" button and each of the items you have set would be set as a manual payout to the affiliate.

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