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Too Much Media at The Phoenix Forum, 2014

Too Much Media will be attending The Phoenix Forum this March 27th through 29th. Meet our representatives Sean and Ben as they show off some exciting new NATS features as well as providing a sneak-peek at the upcoming CARMA2 content management system.

You are welcome to schedule a meeting with TMM any time during the show by contacting Michelle at 732-385-1536 x1116 or, or simply feel free to say hi when you see them at the show.

Highlighted Features
Captcha image on Join page NATS 4

CAPTCHA Images are now available on join templates in the latest version of NATS. With this feature you would be able to include an Image with text which your users would need to input on your join form in order to sign up to your sites. This will help ensure that those signing up to your sites are human and not online bots.

Once Set, the display_captcha function will display a CAPTCHA image to be verified

In order to utilize the new CAPTCHA Image feature for a specific site, you will include a new template function call into your NATS join template for that site. This template function {literal}({display_captcha}){/literal} takes in two parameters: name and ssl.

  • Name: The name parameter is used when displaying the CAPTCHA image on your join form and for verifying the text that was entered by the user. The name that you provide should be unique across all sites and tours using this feature, and should never be left blank.
  • SSL: The "ssl" flag tells NATS whether to display the CAPTCHA image using https:// or http:// within the image URL.

Once this template function is added to your join template, NATS will display the additional image and form data on your join page. This additional image and form data can be completely customized by editing the tour template "captcha_form" for that tour.

For further information in regards to this new template function, please visit our online documentation here

Resend Postbacks

Clicking on "Resend" will force NATS to resend any postbacks In the latest version, you can have NATS repost individual member data and transaction information to the postback script that you have configured for that site and tour. This is very useful in the event that your scripts did not process a post properly, or if you need to receive the latest information for that user.

Reposting the data can happen at any time within your Members Admin. When viewing an individual member in your Members Admin, you will find a link next to each of their transactions. When clicked, NATS will resend any post information for this specific transaction type. Depending on your settings in NATS, this may include a User Management post and/or a Postback for the specific transaction type.

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Previous Issues of TMM Insider can be found at our archive here.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
Paygarden in NATS 4
The payment processor Paygarden is now integrated as a Special payment option within NATS 4. This processor has been integrated to perform transactions as a special join option, allowing your customers to pay using specific gift cards. To sign up as a merchant with Paygarden, please visit their website here. Once signed up as a merchant, review our set up documentation here.