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ATVOD Verification

New regulations set by the Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD) require that new members living in the UK must prove their age before they can purchase certain types of content. NATS has integrated a solution provided by Intelligent ID that will perform this age verification. When set up in NATS, any members located within the UK that signing up for your services are will be sent through an extended sign up process. This process will allow the new members to verify their address, sign up for your services, and meet the requirements of the ATVOD regulations.

ATVOD can be set globally in the Configuration Admin under "Surfers"

Configuring ATVOD within NATS is simple. After signing up for Intelligent ID, you will want to edit the Surfers Configuration section within NATS to include the new account information. At this time, you can also specify if the ATVOD feature is enabled for all sites, and how NATS will determine the referring country of new members signing up. Lastly, you may want to enable ATVOD settings found within the Throttling Configuration section. Depending on your settings, throttling may ensure that new members signing up do not excessively submit your ATVOD join form.

The ATVOD extended sign up process can be enabled for all your sites at once, or enabled for 1 or more individual sites at a time. You can also set up different ATVOD accounts for each site. This will allow for maximum flexibility when managing your ATVOD accounts. Lastly, ATVOD templates are included within each of your site/tours, ensuring the look and feel of the extended sign up process matches your branding.

To have this feature available, please put in a support ticket with us. You can also review our on-line documentation for further details about the ATVOD Verification feature.

Highlighted Features
Mailing Lists

The Latest version of NATS includes a feature allowing Admins to create mailing lists for Affiliates. This feature will allow Admins to set up topic specific mailing lists within their Mailing Admin. The Affiliate can then subscribe to one or more of those topics.

Admins can create more than one Mailing lists for Affiliates to subscribe to

In the Mailing Admin, lists are set up in the section labeled "Mailing Lists". Once there, add a new mailing list by filling out the text box at the bottom and click "Add". Once a mailing list is created, you can set specific details for the mailing list such as the "From" or "Reply-to" address which will be used instead of details set in the Configuration Admin. Next you can choose to add all affiliate to the list or remove all affiliates from the list using the "Add Affiliates" () and "Remove Affiliates" (). This mailing list can be targeted when adding rules to any new or existing mailer within your system.

Once Mailing Lists are set up in the Admin, Affiliates will have the option to select which mailing lists they would like to be subscribed to by going to the "Email Settings" section found in their "My Account" Page.

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Previous Issues of TMM Insider can be found at our archive here.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
Wispay in NATS 4
The payment processor Wispay is now integrated as a Third party biller in NATS 4. This processor has been integrated to perform dialer transaction types, allowing your affiliates to sign up to your site using their phone. To become a merchant with Wispay, please visit their website here. Once a merchant with Wispay, you can view our set up documentation here.
Webcamwiz in NATS 4
The Third party partner Webcamwiz is now integrated into NATS 4. With this, Admins will be able to send traffic to their Webcamwiz site and have signups there recorded in NATS. To become a partner with Webcamwiz, sign up at their website here. Once a partner with Webcamwiz, view our online documentation here.