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Happy New Year TMM Clients

Happy New Years to our clients and supporters Happy New Year to all of our valued Too Much Media clients and supporters! We would like to thank you for your continued support of our products and services. Our staff is continuing to add new and exciting features to our products to better suit your needs.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals throughout this coming year. Keep a look out for our upcoming Too Much Media Insider letters for further information on Too Much Media-related products, services and happenings.

Highlighted Features
New Version of NATS 4

We are proud to announce that the latest version of NATS 4 is now available for upgrade. Included in this version of NATS 4 are new Billers and new features such as:

  • Creating new account types in the Affiliates Admin.
  • A new process allowing you to see payment projections.
  • A Mailing list feature where Affiliates can subscribe to specific mailings you send out.
  • The Japanese Language is now available by default for your Affiliate area.

For a more detailed list of Billers, Third Party Partners and Features available in this version read through our announcement here.

To upgrade to the latest version of NATS 4 please submit a support ticket with our techs here.

Please keep in mind that upgrades are only performed from Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10AM and 4PM Eastern Time.

Adding Account Types (NATS 4)

The latest version of NATS 4 includes the ability for Admins to create new account types and set their permissions that can be used for any affiliate. This allows Admins to have additional account types such as an Affiliate Manager who would only have access to the Affiliates Admin.

Create New Account Types in the Affiliates Admin

To manage these types, go to your Affiliates Admin and click on the tab labeled "Account Types". On this page you can create new types by filling out the "Add New Account Type" form. When adding a new account type, you would fill out the Name and set a Thumbnail Icon if you have one available.

You can also edit you the default settings for any of your account types by clicking the appropriate "Show Default Permissions"() action icon in the displayed list. Once saved, the permissions will be used for any affiliate set with that account type.

For more details in regards to setting Affiliate Access permissions, please review our on-line documentation here.

Copy Join Option Rules (NATS 4)

Do you have a join option who's rules need to be copied to another? The latest version of NATS 4 includes the ability to copy one or more join option rules from one join option to another. This allows for options rules to be customized at a greater pace.

Create New Account Types in the Affiliates Admin

When editing the rules for 1 join option, there will be an area at the bottom of the rule list allowing you to copy one or more rules to a different option. To make the copy you will first select one or more of the rules using the check boxes on the left of the list. Next, select "Duplicate" from the drop-down at the bottom of the list, and then select the new join option you want to copy the rules to. Once you press the submit button, your rules will be copied to a new option.

In addition to copying join option rules, you also have the ability to disable one or more rules using the same feature. You will select one or more the rules using the check boxes, change the drop-down to Disable, and click the submit button.

For more information on setting join option rules, please visit our on-line documentation here.

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