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NATS 4 Affiliate Postbacks

Do you want your affiliate to be able to receive postbacks from NATS? NATS 4 allows Admins to grant special postback privileges to your affiliates. With this enabled, NATS will post transaction data to a URL (specified by the affiliate) each time a member transaction is reported to NATS. This may include when a member joins, rebills, and more.

Postbacks to affiliates work the same way as postbacks you would set up in your Admin area. Upon completion of any particular transaction, NATS will post to the URL specified, with all details in regards to the member. To allow your affiliate to receive postbacks you would first go to your Configuration Admin, under the section Affiliates. On this page there is a section labeled "Postbacks" where you can set which postback type you would like to allow the affiliate to receive. Simply check the postbacks you want them to be allow to receive and click save.

Affiliates can set postback scripts once allowed.

Once postbacks are allowed to your affiliates, they would then be able to set these posts on the events you had set up. Your Affiliates would log into their account, go to the Settings page under My Account, and click the Notification Settings tab. On this tab, they will find "External Postback Settings", including all the postback types you have allowed. Once your affiliate has modified and saved these postback URLs, all future transactions of that type will be posted to them.

For further details in regards to setting up this feature or how Affiliates would use it, please refer to our on-line documentation here

Affiliate Feeds

Do your affiliates want to retrieve their statistics outside of NATS? NATS can provide a link for affiliates to retrieve their statistics without the need for them to log into NATS in the form of an RSS feed or an XML feed. With this, Affiliates can have data automatically populated in a program outside of NATS.

Affiliates can view RSS and XML feeds from any Statistic Report

Before your Affiliates are able to retrieve this data, they would first need to allow these feeds to be available. In the "My Accounts" page, Affiliates would modify their account details and turn on "Enable RSS Feeds". Once this is done any of their statistic pages will have links that can be used to go to a RSS Feed or an XML feed.

Further details in regards to using the RSS or XML feeds for Affiliates can be found in our on-line documentation here

Site Groups

Are you looking for a way to group sites and statistics? The latest version of NATS 4 allows you to create site groups and assign sites to them. This allows Admins to have networked sites grouped together and displayed as a group in the profit loss report.

Admins can set sites to available Groups.

To start, you would need to create new Site Groups. This is done in the Sites Admin under the "Site Groups" tab. In this page, select the tag "Add Site Group", fill out the groups name, shortname, and description, and then click save. This will create a group which can then be set when editing your sites. To set the site group, edit the site(), select the group from the drop-down and click save.

Once groups are set, you can then select them as part of your profit and loss report. Under the site drop-down menu in the profit and loss report, you will have a choice of either your site groups or no groups. When selected, the profit and loss report will limit statistics based upon the sites that are within that group, allowing you to review statistics of sites within a particular networked site group.

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