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Emails with NATS codes: NATS 4

Do you want to email linkcodes to your affiliates with their specific NATS code? NATS 4 allows you to include certain NATS template functions within your mass mailers to your affiliates. This would allow you to send links directly to your affiliates or provide links to free hosted galleries with all necessary information set.

To include links to your affiliates with their NATS code included requires using the template function {nats_encode}. This template function allows you to build a linkcode based on the affiliate's ID along with the program, site, and tour. Whether or not you want to output the URL or just the NATS code can also be set based on your needs. Please review the following example:

{nats_encode userid=$toid program="programid" site="siteid" tourid="tourid"}{$encoded}
  • userid will be the affiliate's ID, and should always be set to "$toid"
  • "programid", "siteid", and "tourid" are set to the ids you want to use for the nats code
  • The "{$encoded}" Smarty variable will output the NATS code based upon the parameters set. Additional options for the nats_encode function include a "url" or "banner" parameter, which will set the "{$encoded}" variables to be either a full NATS link code or banner link code if the adtoolid is set correctly.

For further details in regards to using the nats_encode function, please visit our documentation here.

Strack Builder

Would you like to be able to easily build links from one NATS site to another? Included in NATS 4 is the tool, Switch Track Builder, which helps you create NATS strack links. Strack links allow you to change the site, program or tour of a member while maintaining the proper affiliate credit in the NATS code.

Admins can build links to switch the Site, Tour and Program using the Switch Track Link Builder.

In your NATS Ad Tools Admin, click the tab labeled "Linkcodes". On the following page, click the tab labeled "Strack Builder". Once there, you can select the site, tour, and program you wish to switch to and whether or not to have members going through these links tracked as separate hits. Once the criteria is set for your switch track links NATS will provide you with a strack link using PHP code and Smarty code. The link with php code can be used on your tours wherever you use PHP. The Smarty link can be used on your NATS join templates to link members from one site to another from the join page.

For further details in regards to this feature, visit our online documentation here.

Email Configuration: NATS 4

Do you want to have emails to your Members sent from a different email address than emails to your Affiliates? NATS provides Admins the opportunity to set specific email addresses to be used for Members, Affiliates, Account Reps, Site Partners, and the Owners. Emails sent to these different account types can have different Reply addresses, From addresses or use a different email server.

Email Settings are set in the Configuration admin

In the Configuration Admin, under the Emails Section you can set settings for each of the above account types as well as general settings used in the event these specific settings are not set.

  • "EMAIL_FROM_" and "EMAIL_FROM_NICE_" set the From email address and the Nice Name for this address.
  • "EMAIL_REPLY_" and "EMAIL_REPLY_NICE_" set the Reply-to email address and the Nice Name for this address.
  • "EMAIL_SEND_METHOD_" sets how you would like emails sent, using either the "PHP Default Method", "Qmail", or "Custom SMTP" methods.
  • "EMAIL_SMTP_SERVER_","EMAIL_SMTP_PORT_","EMAIL_SMTP_USERNAME_","EMAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD_",and "EMAIL_SMTP_SECURE_" are used when using the "Custom SMTP" mailng method and are used to allow NATS to connect to this custom system.

With these configurations, you can set up custom details to be used on one or more than one account type. For further details in regards to these configuration options, please visit our documentation here.

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