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Highlighted Features
Gallery Builder

Gallery Builder is an additional module that can be added to your NATS install that allows Admins to consolidate templates and content sets so Affiliates can set up their own free hosted galleries. As a result, affiliates can see a large array of galleries from a minimal amount of templates and content.

Select the allowed content in templates after content is imported

To make things simple, Gallery builder was designed so that all of the content can be set up on your server in a single location. Your content files should follow a specific naming convention that will be consistent with your Gallery Builder templates. For example, the first image in a content set could be named "1.jpg" with a thumbnail of "thumb1.jpg". Once your content is set in their respective folders, your templates would need to be set to use these general thumbnail and image names. Then, your templates could reference the first image in any content set using the following PHP code: <img src="<content directory>/<?=$_GET['content']?>/1.jpg">, where <content directory> would be the directory in which you are storing your content.

Once the content sets and templates are set up, you would add both the location of the templates and the names of the content set in NATS as the adtool types "gbtemplate" and "gbcontent", respectively. After templates and content are added into NATS, you can set which content options are available for each template. You can assign content to be available for your templates when adding content or after it has been added by going to the "gbtemplate" page and clicking the "Select Content Sets Icon" (). This will then allow affiliates to choose the templates and content sets they wish to use, and NATS will provide the necessary links with their NATS code.

This powerful, easy to use module can be added on to your NATS install for a small one-time fee off $100. To request this module, please put in a support ticket here. Additional details on Gallery Builder can be found in our online documentation here.

NATS 4 Expire Padding

Are you having memberships expire in NATS while they remain active at your processor? Some common discrepancies include time zone differences, failed rebill attempts and processing delays. NATS 4 has improved the flexibility of expiration padding to combat these issues. NATS includes the ability to "pad" the expiration to ensure the membership remains active while your processor attempts to rebill them by adding days to the member's expiration date.

Set Member Expire padding in the Configuration admin under the Billers section

The settings to pad member expiration dates can be found in the Configuration Admin, under the Billers Section. Within the Billers section, there are two different options to choose from: MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD and MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS. MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD globally sets your Members to receive an additional 50% of their membership days up to 7 days. This setting will also override whatever is set for MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS. MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS globally sets a flat amount of days to be added to member expiration dates. Since payment processors notify NATS of rebill transactions at differing frequencies, there are also expire pad settings specific to each processor in the following format: MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_<Processor> and MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_<Processor>_DAYS.

For more information on this advantageous feature, visit our documentation here.

NATS 4 Threshold Checking

Do you want to be informed when your traffic ratios drop below a certain point? Threshold checking can be utilized to monitor your traffic ratios for each tour in NATS. When traffic drops below a set ratio, NATS will send out an email notifying you that your traffic has dropped below a specific threshold.

Threshold Checking allows admins to be notified when their traffic drops below a specified ratio.

When editing a site's tour, the "Threshold Checking" section allows Admins to set a ratio for four different time frames each with 6 hour intervals. "Low Threshold Email" can be set to a list of comma separated email addresses that will receive the email with the "Mail Threshold" subject line, should traffic ratios drop below the set ratio. Filling in these two options enables this feature for this tour and will be checked every 2 hours by default. This frequency can be changed in the Cronjob section of your Configuration Admin by changing the option CRON_CHECK_JOIN_HIT_RATIO.

Details in regards to this feature can be found in our documentation here.