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Member Loginlog NATS 4

Have you ever wanted to know if your Members have logged in or from where? NATS can record the member's IP address and time of login and display this information on the membership details page. Each member will have this data recorded under their member details in the "Login log" table. Login data is recorded through either a post to a script or a call to the NATS API system. Both of these recording options are available in the latest version of NATS.

Admins can see when a member logs in and from what IP.

To record this, you will need to post specific information to the NATS script member_loginlog.php at the time the member logs in to your members area. Included in your post should be the username, the IP address and site ID of the member you wish to record. Access to this script is restricted for security reasons so you will need to add the membership server's ip address to the SECURE_IPS configuration array (located in config.php). Your host, server Admin, or our support technicians can assist with this. More details regarding this feature can be found in our documentation article.

As of version of NATS, member logging can be recorded using a call to the NATS API system. Using the API key obtained in the NATS database, you can make a post using a SOAP call with the username, IP address, and site ID of the member they wish to record. To allow posts to your NATS API, you need to add the IP of the sending system to the ADMIN_API_ALLOWED_IPS list, found in the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. Further details regarding the use of this feature can be found in our documentation article.

NATS 4 Notification Recipients

Would you like NATS system notifications to go only to particular users? By default, NATS sends system notifications to all active Admin accounts. However, an Admin notification list can be specified so only certain Admins receive these notifications. This list is set in the Configuration Admin under the Notifications section. ADMIN_NOTIFICATION_RECIPIENTS, is a comma-separated list of Admin usernames, who should receive any notification sent out from NATS. Once set, only the Admins listed will receive NATS notifications.

NATS 4 Gateway One Step Join Page

Members will sign up using one page rather than two Do you want to have your members sign up with your gateway billers using a one step join page? As of NATS version, NATS provides Admins the ability to set up a join page for gateway billers allowing surfers to provide both membership and payment details all in one page as they sign up to become a member.

To set up a gateway one step join page, first you would go to your Billers Admin and create a new cascade. Once created, you would add the gateway biller you wish to be the first biller in this cascade. Once that is set, edit the cascade itself () and change the weight to be set to "Gateway One Step Cascade". After the weight is set, like any other cascade, you would set the cascade rules () to make this cascade available for the sites you wish. Please take note of the cascade ID of your gateway one-step cascade.

When you using a gateway one step, NATS will no longer use the "join" template for the affected site(s). Instead, NATS will use the template by editing the template "gateway_onestep_join" in the sites Admin under the edit templates section(). This template is what your members will see when you send them directly to the gateway one-step join page. To use the new gateway one-step join page, you would need to update the links to your join page so that they include the cascade ID of the newly created cascade. An example link would look like this:
Adding "&cascade=3" (3 being the ID of your new cascade) to you join links will tell NATS to always use the new gateway one-step cascade and send the member to the appropriate template. For further details in regards to this set up please visit our documentation here.

Secure Trading integration(NATS 4)
The payment processor Secure Trading has now been integrated as a gateway biller. This biller has been integrated to process credit card, check and other transaction types. To become a merchant with Secure Trading please visit their website here . If you would like to have this biller added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket here. Once a merchant, and Secure Trading is installed in NATS, you can view our set up documentation found here.