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Affiliate Sign up Limitations

Would you like to limit who can sign up to your NATS Affiliate program? NATS 4 provides Admins the ability to force Affiliates to verify their email or provide a program password in order to sign up. Additionally, you can set configurations in NATS so that Admins would need to manually activate Affiliates before they are able to sign in and promote your sites. These configurations are found in your Configuration Admin under the Affiliates section and include RESELLER_VERIFY, RESELLER_MANUAL_ACTIVATION and CLOSED_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP.

The RESELLER_VERIFY configuration will send an Affiliate an email on a signup, the Affiliate will not be able to log into NATS until they confirm their email address by clicking on the verify link in the email. CLOSED_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP presents a signup password for Affiliates The RESELLER_MANUAL_ACTIVATION configuration requires that you manually activate the Affiliate in the Affiliates Admin after they sign up, Affiliates will not be able to log in until you have activated them. Lastly, the CLOSED_AFFILIATE_SIGNUP configuration allows you to set a password for the Affiliate signup page. This means that Affiliates would not be able to sign up to your Affiliate area unless they provide the password which you have set. With these limitations, you can control or review any of the Affiliates who sign up to your NATS installation.

For more details on using RESELLER_VERIFY and RESELLER_MANUAL_ACTIVATION, please visit our wiki article here.

Backup Service

Tired of inconsistent web hosting, worrying about losing crucial data, and storing all of your files and database information on the same source? Reduce your risk of losing your data permanently with Too Much Media's remote backup service, offered for the NATS Affiliate tracking software. This service will back up your NATS files, NATS database, and any custom Smarty functions and templates all to an off-site server. Best of all, if anything goes wrong with your server we will reinstall NATS and re-import any data you may have lost, free of charge!

Our Standard Remote Backup service costs a flat fee of $75 per month, and includes three (3) backups to our server per week. If that's not enough for you, we also offer a Daily Remote Backup service, which provides you with daily backups of all your NATS files, database, and templates for $150 per month. Using this feature provides redundancy for your data, which is crucial for recovering it in cases of emergency. Please put in a support ticket if you are interested in adding this backup service to your NATS installation.

We at Too Much Media recommend setting up a backup service through either us or your hosting company to reduce the risk of data loss. Our experience is that about two clients a month whose databases failed did not end up having any sort of backup service available to restore lost data. This results in a loss of data which can never be retrieved, which is why we recommend setting up a backup service no matter whom you choose.

Mobile Tours

Would you like to cater to mobile traffic on your NATS join pages? In NATS 4.1, you can create a separate mobile tour where NATS 4.1 will redirect mobile traffic. Once set, NATS will identify surfers going through mobile devices and redirect the traffic accordingly to the new mobile tour set in NATS.

Admins Choose the mobile tour to use in the edit sites page

To start, you will need to create a new tour in the Sites Admin () since the default tour cannot be a mobile tour. Once created set the URL and link domain and mark the new tour as a "mobile" tour. Once completed, you would edit the entire site () and set the newly created tour as the "Mobile Tour" using the dropdown and then clicking save. After that, edit the allowed programs for the site and ensure that the new mobile tour is set under the payout programs you want. Once setup, when a surfer goes through a tracking link for that site under a mobile device, NATS 4.1 will recognize this and send them to the mobile tour you have set, maintaining all necessary tracking data. Additionally, NATS provides a set of "mobile" templates which will be used instead of the regular templates. All mobile templates have template names that include "_mobile" at the end of the template name.

For more details in regards to setting up mobile tours in NATS 4.1 visit our wiki article here.