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News Articles in NATS 4

Would you like to keep your Affiliates informed of Recent or Upcoming changes to your NATS installation? NATS 4 allows Admins to add news articles which will appear in the Dashboard page of the Affiliate area as well as on the external page of your NATS installation. These news articles can be set prior to being published and can make Admins Can Select, Create, or Remove a Section use of available NATS 4 template functions.

To set up a new news article, you would first navigate to the "News and Notifications" Admin page. In this page not only can you create new news articles but you can create new sections() or remove existing sections(). Creating multiple news sections can allow you to display specific news sections on particular pages of the Affiliate area by using the "display_news" template function. This can be used to create an adtool news section in the adtools page of the Affiliate area letting Affiliates know of new or upcoming adtools.

To create a new news article click on the "Add News Item" and you can set the section the article will be published to, when to publish the article, the subject line, and the body. The display option uses a provided date and time to ensure that the article is not displayed before the set time. This allows you to set up multiple news articles before they need to be published. Once the details have been set for the news article, click "Create This News Item" to create the news article. Once created, you can Edit(), View(), or Delete() this news article from the main News and Notifications Admin.

For further details in regards to using the "Display_news" NATS template function please go to our set up wiki article here. For further details in regards to using the NATS template function "Display_news" please go to our set up wiki article here.

Dating Factory Third Party Partner NATS 4

Dating Factory has been integrated as a third party partner within NATS 4. This third party partner allows Admins to send traffic to their NATS is integrated to pull in initial sales and rebill sales allowing you to payout Affiliates who send traffic through their links. NATS can also pull in free initial transactions which, in the latest version of NATS 4, can be set to payout a flat amount to Affiliates per free signup.

To sign up as an Affiliate of Dating Factory, visit their website here. If you would like to have this feature added to your NATS installation, please submit a support ticket here. Once signed up as an Affiliate and Dating Factory is set on your NATS installation you can visit our set up wiki article here.

Terms and Conditions in NATS 4

Do you want your members to agree to your terms of agreement before signing up? Setting up a terms and conditions section adds an additional item that needs to be reviewed and checked before submitting the join page. By following a few simple steps, Admins can include this on their join pages.

The Checkbox Seen on the Default Join Form

Setting up an agreement checkbox requires adding Javascript code to your NATS join page. First, go to the Sites Admin and, in the Site Templates page(), edit the "join" template. Next, modify your join template using the sample html and javascript provided in our wiki article. This code will create an "agree to terms" checkbox and prevent the join form from being submitted unless this checkbox is checked. Once added you would then modify the join form's HTML tag and add a checkbox to allow the member to agree to your terms. The code provided in the article is sample code that can customized to be displayed any way you wish.

Details in regards to setting up this feature in your NATS installation (such as the specific Javascript and HTML code) can be found in our wiki article here.