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Affiliate Stats Outside of NATS 4

Are affiliates looking to view data without logging into NATS? In NATS 4, Affiliates have the ability to retrieve statistical data outside of NATS. In both the Affiliate Dashboard and Statistics pages, there are buttons which provide a link to either an RSS feed

Affiliates Need to Set "Enable RSS Feeds" to "Yes"
or XML dump of data that is available in NATS. They can then use these links to populate an RSS feed reader or other software to view their statistics in NATS.

Before Affiliates can use the RSS feed links, they need to first allow the use of these links. In the "My Account" page of the Affiliate area, they can turn on the use of RSS feeds by setting "Enable RSS Feeds" to "Yes". Once this is done, Affiliates can then retrieve statistics using RSS Feed links created by NATS.

The View As section provides different options to view Stats

In both the Affiliate Dashboard and Statistics pages, they can retrieve a link to an RSS feed() or an XML dump feed() in the "View as:" section in the Statistics output. The Statistics page will also provide a feed based upon the statistics filters set by the Affiliate so they can have data formatted the way they want.

For more details in regards to the Statistic pages and views, please review our wiki article here.

Affiliate Documents in NATS 4

Need to store an image or document associated with an Affiliate? NATS 4 provides Admins with the ability to upload documents associated with an Affiliate for later use. This gives you the ability to retrieve necessary documents for an affiliate at an instance's notice.

Admins can view uploaded files in the Affiliate Documents Section

To upload a document, select the Affiliate Documents() section in the Affiliates Admin. In this page you can then select a file from your local computer and have it uploaded to NATS. Once uploaded, you can retrieve this document() at any time or delete it() once it is no longer needed.

Affiliates can upload their W9 form if they are required to have it. In the My Accounts Page of the Affiliate area, Affiliates would modify the W9 Information section set the file for their W9 form and then clicking save changes would upload that file. Admins can then view this file in the Affiliate Documents() section of the Affiliate Admin.

To restrict which file types may be uploaded and whom may upload files, you can set document security settings in the Security section of the Configuration Admin. Under the Document Upload section there are two variables DOCUMENTS_SECURE_EXT and DOCUMENTS_SECURE_IPS. DOCUMENTS_SECURE_EXT is a comma separated list of file extensions that are allowed, while DOCUMENTS_SECURE_IPS is a comma separated list of IP addresses that are allowed to upload files to NATS.

For more details in regards to Affiliate Documents please visit our wiki article here.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
CARMA convert Videos to MP4
CARMA is now able to convert videos from their original format to an .MP4 format. In the video formats section of the configuration page, Admins can set the width and height ratio for MP4 conversions. Once set the Admin has the ability to generate any missing MP4s, regenerate all MP4 videos, and stop generating any MP4 videos. CARMA will then begin the process of converting videos on your server. As videos are converted they will show up as a new video format for each of your Video Content sets.
Cashsend NATS 4 Biller integration
The payment processor Cashsend has been integrated into NATS 4. This payment processor has been integrated as a third party biller in NATS to process credit card transactions. To become a merchant with Cashsend, visit their site here. Once signed up as a merchant you can visit our set up wiki article here.
Centrobill NATS 3 Biller integration
The third party payment processor Centrobill is now available for NATS 3. This payment process is integrated to perform credit card transactions as well as European Debit transactions. To become a merchant with Centrobill, visit their website here. Once a merchant, you can download and install this biller in your NATS 3 installation by following the instructions here. Once installed, you can visit our set up wiki article here.