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From Netcash: NATS LICENSEES - Your Cascade Must End with DeclineCash©

The innovative new cash payment option DeclineCash© provides Merchants one last chance to convert declined credit card customers. All Merchants have declined credit cards, and now there is a solution to capture these lost joins - THE CASCADE ENDS HERE© - and it's a cinch to add in NATS.

For Merchants, it's simple and offers only an upside. Once integrated, DeclineCash© is positioned at the end of your cascade and if a credit card is declined, the customer is offered the option to pay USING REAL CASH, at a local retailer. Imagine increasing your business 5% or more from the customers who were already leaving your site because of a declined credit card. The cash payment option is currently operating in the US market, and the large emerging markets of Russia and Brazil. Canada will be added next. Customers actually pay cash at over 700,000 payment centers worldwide, gaining immediate site access...AND REMEMBER, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CHARGEBACKS.

We programmed the cash option for cascade billing so Merchants could 'decline-to-cash.' It has been wildly successful because Merchants realize, "Why wouldn't they do it?"

For Merchants selling high-cost or hard goods, including cam sites where chargebacks can produce a devastating result, they can also choose to offer the standard Netcash Pay-with-Cash option by simply placing a "Pay-with-Cash" button on their checkout page. Subscription Merchants are offering extended access to members' areas and adapting pricing to match. What percentage of your transactions are declined? Utilizing the Pay-with-Cash option, Merchants can convert credit card declines into paying customers at the same cost as processing a credit card.

You have US, Russian and Brazilian Traffic. Help these users pay with cash. 80+% of your Russian and Brazilian users do not have credit cards or bank accounts, and you may not be processing credit cards for these users at all. Capture US users concerned with identity and financial fraud and theft, or those who simply do not have credit cards. Let these users pay with cash! - up-front, NO declines, refunds or chargebacks... "Did I say how easy it is to add in NATS?"

To capture those potential cash customers on your sites, contact JoeD at:

Pay4 NATS Biller integration

The payment processor Pay4 is now available as a gateway payment option in both NATS 3 and 4. Pay4 has been integrated to process under a variety of processing types including credit card and direct payment.

In addition to initial sales, Pay4 can perform cross sales and is integrated to allow instant upgrades through our upgradeplus system. To become a merchant with Pay4 please visit their site here. If you would like to have this feature added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket Once a merchant with Pay4, NATS 3 Admins can view the set up wiki article here. NATS 4 Admins can view the set up wiki here

Video Secrets Third Party Integration

Video Secrets, an integrated Third Party Partner in NATS, provides a white label service to which your Affiliates can send traffic.

In NATS, Admins can create a Third Party site associated to their Video Secrets site and have Affiliates promote and receive payout for this traffic. If you are interested in setting up Video Secrets within NATS, you can review our wiki article about this here.