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Recent Updates
NATS Version Now Available
We are proud to announce that the latest version of NATS version 4 is now available. Version has been extensively tested by Too Much Media technicians to ensure that upgrading to this version will be as smooth as possible. The new version contains an additional feature that allows Admins to set a "from" email address per site that is used on emails sent out to members. To upgrade to the latest version of NATS, please submit a support ticket here. Please note that upgrades are performed during the hours of 10AM to 4PM Eastern Time, Monday through Thursday.
Highlighted Features
NATS Manual Members

Do you need a membership available to test authentication or provide complementary access? In NATS, Admins have the ability to create manual members within the Members Admin. These manually created members can be used to test authentication of a site's members area, provide a complementary membership for a member, or provide access to your members area to be reviewed by biller processors.

Add Member allows Admins to create a Member without a Transaction

Admins can create a manual member in NATS by clicking on the tab labeled, "Add Member", within the Members Admin. Once there, you can fill out details such as the username, password, first name, last name, email and select the site for this manual member. Admins can also set when this member will expire, or leave the "expires" date set to "never" so that the member will never expire. Additional flags available for the manual member include setting whether or not the member is flagged, is a trial, and setting any of the five custom fields available for members.

Once manual members are created, Admins can edit the member or delete the member entirely from the Members Admin. For further details in regards to Manual Members, please refer to our wiki article here

Affiliate Manual Sales and Manual Invoices

Would you like to provide a bonus payout to an Affiliate? NATS allows Admins to add a payout to an Affiliate without associating to a member. This can be used to either provide a bonus or account for any possible payout discrepancies. These additional Affiliate payouts can be added using one of two methods. A Manual Sale creates a payout based upon existing programs, sites, and options. A Manual Invoice creates a payout based upon a flat amount to be paid to the Affiliate.

Manual Sales are derived from existing site and option details

To add a Manual Sale from the Affiliates Admin, click on the "Add Manual Sale" Button() next to the Affiliate you would like to credit with the sale. Once on this page, select the date, campaign, referring URL, country, program, site, tour, cascade, biller and join option that this Manual Sale will be based on. As these details are set, the Payout amount details will be populated below so that the payout may be reviewed. The payout can then be finalized by clicking the "Add Manual Sale" button at the bottom of the page.

To add a Manual Invoice for an Affiliate, you must first allow them to receive Manual Invoices at all. This is done in the Affiliates Admin by clicking on the "Edit Affiliate Admin Settings" icon() for the Affiliate in question. Once there, turn on the "Manual Invoices" setting for this Affiliate and then click "Save Changes". After Manual Invoices are allowed, there will be a Manual Invoice icon() available next to the modified Affiliate in the Affiliates Admin. Clicking on this icon will take the Admin to a page where they can add a flat amount to an Affiliate's payout and see already created Manual invoices.

For Details in regards to Manual Sales, please visit our wiki article for NATS 3 here and for NATS 4 here. For more details in regards to using Manual Invoices, please visit our wiki article for NATS 3 here and for NATS 4 here.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
Escalion NATS 4
The payment processor Escalion is now integrated as a third party payment processor in NATS 4. Escalion has been integrated with NATS to perform credit card transactions through the NATS join page. In addition to initial sales, Escalion has been integrated to perform Cross sales and allow members to use the Upgrade Plus feature which allows members to upgrade their trial account before their membership has expired. To become a merchant with Escalion, please visit their site here. For more details on setting up Escalion in your NATS installation, please visit our Escalion wiki article here.
Netmobile NATS 4
Adding to our extensive list of payment processors, we have now integrated Netmobile as a gateway payment processor in NATS 4. Netmobile is integrated as a dialer biller allowing members to sign up to membership sites using their mobile device. To become a merchant with Netmobile, please visit their site here. Once a merchant, further details on setting up Netmobile within NATS can be found here.
Probiller NATS 4
We are happy to announce that we have added a new third party payment processor, Probiller, to NATS 4. This payment processor has been integrated to perform credit card transactions to be reported on in NATS. In addition, Probiller has been integrated to perform cross sales with NATS as well. To sign up as a merchant to Probiller, visit their website here. After becoming a merchant, details in regards to setting up Probiller as a biller in NATS can be found in our wiki article here.