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Highlighted Features
Account Access in NATS 4

Do you want to limit access to certain pages in NATS for certain types of users, such as a designer, account representative or site partner? NATS 4 allows admins to set users to pre-defined access levels for account types such as Affiliate(), Account Rep(), Customer Service Rep(), Site Partner(), Sub-Admin), TMM Admin(), and Full Admin(). Clicking the account access level icon on the left hand side of the Affiliate Admin will allow Admins to change the permission level. For each access type above the Affiliate level, Admins can customize the permissions of the user in order to fit the needs of that user.

Admins can add or remove pages from display and restrict actions

For the access types of Account Rep, Site Partner and TMM Admin, restrictions are made so that these account types will only see information related to them. For example, Account Reps are only able to see Affiliates who have been assigned to them in the Affiliates Admin. Also, Site Partners can only see Members and Report data for the site(s) of which they are a partner. Finally, TMM Admins are only able to log in to a NATS installation from the Too Much Media IP addresses that are set in the Configuration Admin, under the Security section, labeled TMM_ADMIN_IPS.

For access levels above the Affiliate level, any permission exceptions can be set for a user's specific account. (This includes enabling or disabling access to particular Admin Pages, views within an Admin page from displaying and allowing or removing the ability to perform a specific action within an admin page.)

Certain Admin pages allow limiting specific views

In addition to settings for a specific page, Admins can set global settings for their users which include the ability to edit affiliates and the ability to override as an affiliate.

For further information in regards to setting Affiliate access permissions, please visit our wiki article here

Partial Member CSV Dump NATS 4

Need specific information about members outside of NATS? The latest version of NATS allows for a comma-separated dump of specific fields in the NATS database, known as a "Partial CSV Dump". Using this feature, Admins have the ability to retrieve only the fields that they want when searching members.

To use this feature, first click on the "Advanced Form" link on the upper right-hand side of the search box in the Members Admin. This page will allow Admins to search members who meet specific criteria. Once the search criteria is set, click on the "Partial CSV Dump" button at the bottom of the page to display the field options for the Partial CSV Dump. Once the fields have been selected, click the "Partial CSV Dump" button again to retrieve the fields requested for the members.

Partial CSV Dump allows you to select the fields you want

The results of the search and "Partial CSV Dump" will be displayed in a text box below the search table in the Members Admin. Note that any date or time which would be displayed in the "Partial CSV Dump" would be in the format of a Unix timestamp.

Adtool Groups

Want to be able to group your Adtools so your affiliates can search by specific groups? Adtool Groups allow Admins to set one or more groups for any particular Adtool within NATS. Once set,

Admins can add or remove groups and sub-groups
Affiliates will be able to search for Adtools with the name of a group they wish to use.

Before assigning groups to your Adtools, admins will first need to set up the different groups they wish to use. This is done within the Adtools admin, under the section "Groups". Within this area, admins can create groups and subgroups of their choosing by clicking on the icons to add a new group or subgroup. Once created, any group can then be applied to any Adtool set within NATS.

Admins can set the default group for an Adtool when adding it into NATS. Once an Adtool is added into NATS, Admins can assign or remove groups associated with that adtool(). At any point, Admins can add or remove an association between an Adtool and a group.