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No Cost Registrations NATS 4
Want to offer your members a free option? NATS version 4 gives admins the option to set up a no cost registration (NCR).  A member choosing an NCR option will not see a biller and will create a membership through NATS, allowing admins to authenticate off of the NATS database for these free memberships. 

To make an NCR available for your members admins first would set up a new Join Option in their sites admin. In the NATS sites admin, the third action icon will show the available join options. At the bottom of the page, below the "Add New Join Option" section there is a section labeled "Add New No Cost Registration Option". Options for an NCR include setting a registration period, the join form text, whether to disallow members who have signed up for this option from signing up again, whether the option is hidden from the join form, and whether this option will be available for all tours. Note that setting the "Registration Period" to 0 will set the member to be active indefinitely. Also note that if the "Active for all Tours" option is not set, Rules will need to be set for this new option. Rules denote when this NCR option will be available for use on a NATS join page.

Once the join option is set up, admins would need to set the "Re-Use Active Usernames" option in the edit site details page . This allows members who signed up to an NCR to upgrade to a full membership option. Once set, admins can link to the original member through the NATS join page, pre-populating the username and email. This will ensure the original member will retain their details in the upgrade to a full membership.

Additional features for No Cost Registrations include their own column in the statistics page, separate emails sent out on these memberships, a postback url, and the option to payout affiliates per no cost registration. For additional details in regards to setting up and using NCRs, please visit our wiki article page here.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
Aconti NATS 4
We are pleased to announce that we have completed the integration of the third party payment processor, Aconti, into NATS 4. Aconti has been integrated to send members through the NATS join page to the Aconti join page, performing credit card transactions. To become a merchant with Aconti, please visit their site here. Once you are a merchant with Aconti, please review our setup instructions at our wiki article here.
The new payment processor, DIMOCO, has been added as a third party payment processor within NATS 4. DIMOCO provides members with the option to pay by mobile phone and payout affiliates based upon dialer traffic. To become a merchant with DIMOCO, please visit their website here. Once you are a merchant with DIMOCO, please review our wiki article detailing how to set up DIMOCO in NATS here.