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Highlighted Features
Member Loginlog
Have you ever wanted to know if your members have logged in or from where? NATS can record the member's IP address and time of login and display this information on the membership details page. Each member will have this data recorded under their member details in the "Login log" table. This includes all logins from the first to the last. Login data is recorded through either a post to a script or a call to the NATS API system. Both of these recording options are available in the latest version of NATS.

To record via a post to a script, you will need to send details to the NATS script member_loginlog.php once the member has logged into your membership area. Included in your post should be the username, the IP address and site ID of the member you wish to record. NATS will then add this information into the "Login Log" table. Access to this script is restricted for security reasons so you will need to add the membership server ip address to the SECURE_IPS configuration array (located in config.php). Your host, server admin, or our support technicians can assist with this. More details regarding this feature can be found in this wiki article.

As of version of NATS, when and where a member logged in can be recorded using a call to the NATS API system. Using the API key obtained in the NATS database, Admins can make a post using a SOAP call with the username, IP address, and site ID of the member they wish to record. To allow posts to your NATS API, you need to add the IP of the sending system to the ADMIN_API_ALLOWED_IPS list, found in the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section. Further details regarding the use of this feature can be found in this wiki article. Both options will result a response of either "SUCCESS:" or "FAILURE:".
Rules System
Do you want join options or cascades to show up only in specific events? The NATS 4 rules system, available for cascades, join options, cross sales, payment methods, site redirects, and mass mailers allows Admins greater control for item display.

When adding a rule, first set the rule type to be either "IGNORE", "SHOW/ENABLE/SEND", or a "DISABLE/HIDE/HOLD". Ignore rules allow Admins to set a non active rule, allowing the admin to set up the specific details at a later time. "SHOW/ENABLE/SEND" rules are active rules, enabling the item with the specifications the Admin has set. "DISABLE/HIDE/HOLD" rules "hold" or prevent the particular item from being displayed based upon the criteria of the rule. Note that, "DISABLE/HIDE/HOLD" rule types take precedence over "SHOW/ENABLE/SEND". Additionally, join options, site redirects, and cross sales have an option to be marked as enabled which will display these items without a "SHOW/ENABLE/SEND" rule.

Once the type of rule is selected, specifications for the rule can be set. Affiliates, Programs, or Sites can be set as criteria for the rule but, different areas of NATS will have different criteria for rules. The Mailing Admin rules, for example, includes rule settings specific to member and affiliate status. For further details on setting up your rules within your NATS installation, please review the wiki article here.
Gallery Builder
One of the additional modules that can be added to your NATS install is Gallery Builder. The Gallery Builder add-on in NATS allows Admins to consolidate templates and content sets so Affiliates can set up their own free hosted galleries. As a result affiliates can see a large array of galleries from a minimal amount of templates and content.

To make things simple, all of the content can be set up on your server in a single location. The content itself would have a universal format to use with your templates. An example would be where the first image would be "1.jpg" with a thumbnail of "thumb1.jpg". Once your content is set in their respective folders, your templates would need to be set to use these general thumbnail and image names. The template would make use of the content set name, which would be provided in the URL, retrieved using an Image tag with PHP similar to this: <img src="/mycontent/<?=$_GET['content']?>/1.jpg">. This would retrieve the content set name through the URL.

Once the content sets and templates are set up, Admins would add both the location of the templates and the names of the content set in NATS as the adtool types "gbtemplate" and "gbcontent", respectively. This will then allow affiliates to choose the templates and content they wish to use, and NATS will provide the necessary links with their NATS code.

This powerful, easy to use module can be added on to your NATS install for a small one time fee off $100. To request this add-on, please put in a support ticket to have us enable it on your installation. Additional details on Gallery Builder can be found in our wiki article here.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
NATS 4 FX Billing Native
We are proud to announce the addition of a new third party payment processor: FX Billing Native. In addition to recording credit card transactions, FX Billing Native has been configured to perform both Cross Sales and Subscription Upgrades. To become a merchant with FX Billing, visit their website here here. For additional information in regards to setting up FX Billing Native in NATS, please refer to our wiki article here.
Red Pass Payment Method
A new payment method, Red Pass, has been integrated in NATS! Admins can now pay their affiliates through the Red Pass system. This payment method includes a dump format which is compatible with the Red Pass system, allowing ease of payments to your affiliates. To sign up to use the Red Pass system, visit their site here. Once Affiliates have signed up with a specific email address, they can choose Red Pass as their payment method and provide the same email address.