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Recent Updates
New NATS 4 version
We are proud to announce that a new version of NATS,, has been officially released. This version includes:
  • New Payment Processors:
    • BoaCompra
    • Payovation
    • SofortABO Payment Network
    • eMerchantPay Native
    • Euro Payment Group
  • New Third Party Partners:
    • CamSpot
    • SexGoesMobile
    • Wister
  • New Payment Methods:
    • Payza
    • Payoneer
    • Paxum
  • Updates to the Members Admin
    • Related transaction data per transaction now shown
  • Additional Features in the Mailing Admin
    • Send an email only once per email address
  • Google Analytics support through the NATS join pages
Too Much Media technicians have performed extensive testing ensure a smooth transition to the new version.
Affiliate Specific Payouts
Do you have affiliates who would benefit from different payment periods? Admins can now set up multiple customized payout periods allowing affiliates to choose which option is most convenient for them. This feature is available as of NATS version

In the Payments Admin, click the "Payout Periods" tab to view available payout periods. A new period can be added by filling out the description in the text box at the bottom of the page and clicking "Add". Once added, set the payout configuration and if there is any delay of payments. The payout configuration sets when NATS will build payments and can be set to build on one day or multiple days. Setting the payout configuration numerically from 1 through 31 will have NATS build payouts on that day. You can set multiple payout days by separating the values in payout configuration with a comma. For example, "1,10,20" will build payouts on the first, tenth and twentieth of the month.

Additionally, Admins can set up weekly payouts by setting the configuration from "w0" through "w6" where "w0" indicates payouts are built on Sunday. Payout delays set how many payout intervals to delay the building the payout, which may be used to account for any deductions to affiliates that may occur. Once the payout period is set up, Admins can either enable the new payout period for all Affiliates to use, or make it only available for specific affiliates through the "List & Modify Enabled Affiliates" page.
Token Plus
Looking to take the hassle out of membership repurchases? One click rebuys allow members to purchase additional tokens for your site without the need to fill out payment information again. The Token Plus system in the latest version of NATS 4 allows members to do just that. By turning on the setting "Token Rebuy Allowed" for your join options, members can then be redirected to the tokenplus.php script with their siteid and username, where they can purchase more tokens. Additional security can be set to ensure only the expected member has the ability to add more tokens. Instead of sending members to the tokenplus.php script, members can be sent to the NATS join page in order to verify their account information. By setting the variable TOKENPLUS_REQUIRED_FIELDS to "password" in the Configuration Admin under the "Surfer" section, NATS will verify the member's password, where setting this to "Email and Password" will verify both the member's e-mail and password. This feature is currently compatible with token sites using Epoch and Segpay in NATS. For more details on using tokenplus and its available features, please view our wiki article here.
Expire Padding
Are you having memberships expire in NATS while they remain active at your processor? Some common discrepancies include time zone differences, failed rebill attempts and processing delays. NATS includes the ability to “pad” the expiration to ensure the membership remains active while your processor attempts to rebill them by adding days to the member's expiration date. NATS 4 has improved the flexibility of expiration padding to combat these issues. You can choose to extend the membership by 50% of the option length up to 7 days, add a flat number of days, or even specify a custom number of days per processor. For more information on this advantageous feature, visit our wiki here.
Admin IP Address Restriction
Looking for a way to increase the security of your NATS system? In addition to the account level access, NATS 4 has the ability to restrict Admin accounts to a list of IP addresses. This valuable, yet often overlooked, feature adds an additional level of security to your Admin area. For example, you could limit access only to your home or the office. You can configure this beneficial feature through the Configuration Admin under the "Security" section by setting a comma-separated list of IP addresses in the "ADMIN_IPS" configuration variable.

If you would like to have any of the below features added or your NATS installation upgraded, please submit a support ticket.
Payspace Integration
Building upon our already extensive list of available billers, we are excited to announce that Payspace has been integrated into NATS 4 as a third party payment processor. Payspace has been integrated into NATS to process credit card transactions. Additionally, Payspace supports Upgrade Plus: a feature in NATS4 that allows you to potentially shorten a member's trial by offering them the option to upgrade. If you would like to become a merchant with Payspace, visit their site here. For more details about setting up Payspace as a biller in your NATS installation, please go to our Payspace wiki article here.
Rocketgate Native Integration
We are happy to announce another new third party payment processor: Rocketgate Native. Rocketgate Native is a biller option for ELV/EU Debit and Credit Card processing. In addition, Rocketgate Native can easily be configured to perform both Cross Sales and Upsells. To become a merchant with Rocketgate, visit their site here. If you would like more details about setting up Rocketgate Native within your NATS installation, visit our Rocketgate wiki article here.
Payment Method: ePayService
The payment method, ePayServices, has been integrated and is now available in the latest version of NATS 4. This payment method includes a dump format compatible with the ePayService system allowing Admins to easily pay affiliates who use the ePayServices system. Affiliates can sign up to use ePayService here. Once signed up, they would provide their account number within NATS so Admins may pay through ePayServices.
CardFlex Integration
Available in the latest version of NATS 4, CardFlex has been added as a gateway payment processor. CardFlex has been integrated to perform credit card transactions through the NATS join page. Cross sales and Upsells have also been added to the available integration of CardFlex. To become a merchant with CardFlex, visit their site here. For more details about setting up CardFlex as a payment processor within your NATS installation, please visit our wiki article here.
OrbitalPay Integration
OrbitalPay has been included as a gateway payment processor within NATS 4. Available within this integration is the ability to process Check transactions for United States customers and credit card transactions for all locations. In addition to regular signups, both cross sales and upsells have been added to the Orbital Pay integration. To sign up as a merchant with Orbital Pay please visit their site here. For further details on setting up Orbital Pay within your NATS installation, visit our wiki article here.