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Recent Updates
NATS 4 Voxtel Integration
Voxtel has been integrated into NATS 4 as a third party payment processor. In NATS, Voxtel is set up as a special option in the Sites Admin for pay by phone processing. To become a merchant with Voxtel please visit their site here. For more details on setting up Voxtel within your NATS installation, please go to the wiki article here.
NATS 4 Centrobill Integration
Centrobill is now integrated as a third party payment processor within NATS 4. Centrobill can process Credit Card transactions and European Direct Debit transactions through NATS. To sign up as a merchant for Centrobill, please visit their website here. For details on setting up your Centrobill account within NATS please go to the Centrobill wiki article.
NATS 4 Third Party Partner
We have completed the integration of the third party partner, Fling, in NATS 4.1. Using Fling allows NATS admins to send traffic to their site and have the membership signups there be recorded in NATS. Please put in a support ticket here if you wish to include Fling in your NATS installation and our techs will contact you to add this third party partner to your system. Once installed, instructions on setting up Fling can be found here.

To have any of these features added to your NATS installation, please submit a support ticket here.
NATS 4 Affiliate Overview Options
By default, within the Affiliate Overview page, NATS only displays a list of members who signed up using that affiliate's link codes during the current period. In the "Display" section of the Configuration Admin, admins can adjust the details that are displayed in the Affiliate Overview with the configuration options, ADMIN_AFFILIATES_OVERVIEW_MEMBERS and ADMIN_AFFILIATES_OVERVIEW_PROFIT_LOSS. ADMIN_AFFILIATES_OVERVIEW_MEMBERS, controls whether or not to display the list of members. ADMIN_AFFILIATES_OVERVIEW_PROFIT_LOSS will display a profit and loss report specific to the affiliate and broken down by Site and by Program.
NATS 4 Automatic Cascade Members
Sending traffic to a join page which uses an automatic cascade will bypass the NATS pre-join page and send a member directly to the first step in that cascade. As a result, NATS creates a member with a random username starting with "rand|||" each time a member is sent through that pre-join page. This could result in a large list of automatic cascade members displayed in the Members Admin. To prevent these placeholder members from displaying in the Members Admin until the transaction has been completed, turn on ADMIN_MEMBER_NO_AUTO_CASCADE found in the Configuration Admin under "Display".