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Recent Updates
NATS 4 Bit-Pay Integration
Bit-Pay is now available as a payment processor for NATS 4. This integration allows admins to process transactions through their Bit-Pay account and have them recorded in NATS. To have this payment processor available, please put in a support ticket here and our staff will be in contact to add this processor to your system. Once installed, instructions on setting up Bit-Pay can be found here.
NATS 4 Prevent Chargeback Members
NATS 4 allows the admins the ability to prevent members who previously performed a chargeback transaction from signing up again under the same email address. This configuration is turned on in the configuration admin under the "Surfer" section, listed as "DISSALLOW_CHARGEBACK_MEMBER_SIGNUP". Once this configuration option is turned on, members who have already signed up and charged back would receive the error notification, 'Sorry, but this Membership is not available at this time' should they attempt to sign up again.
NATS 4 Notification Recipients
By default, NATS sends system notifications to all active admin accounts. However, an admin notification list can be specified so only certain admins receive these notifications. This list is set in the Configuration Admin under "Notifications". "ADMIN_NOTIFICATION_RECIPIENTS", is a comma-separated list of admin usernames, who should receive any notification sent out from NATS.