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Recent Updates
NATS 3 RocketGate Native Integration
RocketGate Native is now available as a payment processor for NATS 3. This integration allows admins to process transactions through their RocketGate account and have them recorded in NATS 3. To have this payment processor available, please put in a support ticket here and our staff will be in contact to add this processor to your system. Once installed, instructions on setting up RocketGate Native can be found here.
GXBill Pay Per Signup
By Default, in NATS 3 and NATS 4, GXBill one time transactions are recorded in NATS as initial transactions. These will pay out on the "$join" or "%join" values set for the program itself. If the program is set to pay per signup, then you may be paying affiliates large payouts for small transactions from GXBill. To account for this you would need either to make changes to the program in NATS 4 or turn on a configuration variable in NATS 3.

Details in regards to this can be found in the NATS 3 Wiki and the NATS 4 Wiki.
NATS 4 Modify Type-In Member Configuration
NATS 4 allows admins the ability to permanently assign an affiliate to any type in member. Assigning a member to an affiliate allows them to be paid for subsequent rebill transactions.

Details in regards to setting and using this feature can be found here.