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Recent Updates
Europay Integration
Europay is now available as a payment processor for both NATS 3 and NATS 4. This integration allows admins to process transactions through their Europay account and have them recorded within NATS. For NATS 3 owners, Europay can be installed by following the instructions for the biller patch here. To have this new payment processor available in NATS 4, or if you have questions or concerns with the NATS 3 patch, please put in a support ticket here and our staff will contact you to add this processor to your installation. Once installed, details in regards to setting up Europay in your NATS installation can be found at the NATS 3 Wiki or the NATS 4 Wiki.
NATS 4 Gateway One Step Join Page
As of NATS version, NATS provides the admin the ability to set up a join page for gateway billers allowing members to provide both membership and payment details all in one page. The set up of a gateway one step join page includes modifying the site's 'gateway_onestep_join' template and creating a special biller cascade. Once both are set up, you will need to include the cascade id of the new gateway one step in the link to your NATS join page.

Details regarding setting up the gateway one step join page can be found here.
NATS 4 Rewards Admin
Setting up bonus rewards provides added incentive for affiliates to send more traffic to your program. Through the Rewards Admin in NATS, admins can setup reward categories, items, and assign point values on a per transaction basis (initials, rebills, unique clicks etc). Reward categories and items are completely customizable so anything from a free site membership to a car could be offered. As affiliates accrue points, from the traffic they are already sending, they can redeem these points for the specified rewards.

For more information about the rewards system of NATS, please visit our wiki here.