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Happy New Year TMM Clients
Happy New Year to all of our valued Too Much Media clients! We'd like to thank you for continuing to support our products and services, and we look forward to further helping you achieve your goals throughout this coming year. Our staff is always working to come up with new and exciting features for our products, as well as new services to better suit your needs.

Make sure to look for all of our upcoming newsletters, which will contain more information about everything happening here at Too Much Media.
News From Intercash
Big loads brought to you by Intercash. Reintroduce yourself to this unique payment processor by May 1, 2012 for a special offer to all eligible NATS program owners. Access, issue and load personalized prepaid cards in multiple currencies or make payroll easier with our several other domestic and international payment solutions.

Our offer to you: Sign up as an Intercash merchant by May 1, 2012 and receive the first 200 loads/payments free.

Improve your PayVia with Intercash today. Read more at the NATS 3 Wiki or the NATS 4 Wiki
NATS 4 Affiliate Postbacks
In NATS 4, admins can allow their affiliates to receive postbacks from NATS on specific actions taken by members who sign up under them. To set available postbacks, first go to the affiliates section of the Configuration Admin and check the postbacks that you want your affiliates to be able to use in the Postbacks section. Once postbacks are enabled, affiliates can set a url/script destination in the notifications section of their My Account page.

Details regarding affiliate postbacks can be found here.
NATS 4 Threshold Checking
Threshold checking can be utilized to monitor your traffic ratios for each tour in NATS. When editing a site's tour, the "Threshold Checking" section allows admins to set an expected ratio for four different time frames. "Low Threshold Email" can be set to a list of email addresses (comma separated) that will receive the email with the "Mail Threshold" subject line. Filling in these two options enables this feature which will be checked every 2 hours. This setting can be changed in the Cronjob section of your Configuration Admin.

Details in regards to this feature can be found here.