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Recent Updates
New NATS 3 Billers
Our technical team has been hard at work integrating new payment processors into NATS 3. These new billers include Bill1st, Boa Compra and a new version of EGatePay. All of these new and updated payment processors can be found in the biller patch list here. Please open a support ticket with us if you would like assistance with adding these new billers into your NATS 3 installation.
NATS 4 Mobile Admin Overview
NATS 4 provides a mobile version of the Admin Overview page, allowing admins to view various information from their mobile device. When viewing your Admin Overview page from a mobile device, there is a tab labeled "Mobile View". In this page, there is the option to view summary stats, top affiliates, top sites, top programs, newest affiliates, newest members or all of the above pages in one page. Details in regards to your Admin Overview can be found here.
Creating Payment Method Dumps
In NATS 4, admins can create their own payment method output, known as a dump format, in order to suit the needs of their business. In the Payments Admin under the Dump Formats tab, the bottom of the page allows admins to fill in the new dump format name and create it in NATS. Once created in NATS, you can then populate the dump format with all the necessary details to suit your needs.

NATS also provides a debugger dump format which is used to retrieve all available variable names for the new dump format. In the Pay Via Types tab, set the appropriate payment method's dump format to the "debugger" dump format then go to the main Payments Admin and view the payment dump itself. A Smarty Debug window will appear showing you all available variables which can be used on the dump format. Details in regards to this and basic dump format variables can be found here.