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Recent updates
GFY and YNOT Awards
Too Much Media was honored to be awarded the and YNOT "Software Company of the Year" awards. We would like to thank all of our clients and supporters for helping us achieve these awards. This honor would not be possible without your appreciated feedback and support.
Camspot in NATS 4.1
We have completed the integration of the third party partner, Camspot, in NATS 4.1. This integration allows NATS 4.1 program owners to record their Camspot sales in NATS. Please put in a support ticket if you wish to include Camspot in your NATS installation and our techs will contact you to add this third party partner to your system.
Billers in NATS 4.1
Our technical team has been hard at work integrating new payment processors into NATS 4.1. These new billers include Focal Payments, SofortABO Payment Network, eMerchantPay Native(eMPPay), BoaCompra, and Secure Billing Worldwide Gateway. If you would like to add any of these billers into your NATS 4.1 installation, please put in a support ticket and our techs will contact you to add your requested biller.
Highlighted Features
Update Affiliate default settings in NATS 4.1
In NATS 4.1, program owners have the ability to specify default setting for their affiliates. This will assure that certain graphs for statistics, adtool types, or account information is shown to the affiliate until they change their settings to better suit his needs. To update these default settings go to the Configuration Admin and choose the section "Affiliate Default Settings". Change any settings as you see fit and click Store Changes to save. Once set, admins can use the action icon on the right hand side to update all affiliates to reflect the new default setting.
Flagged Members in NATS 4.1
Program owners can mark members of interest as flagged in order to easily refer to them at a later date. In the Members Admin, the checkbox on the left hand side of the table will mark the member as flagged. Once members have been flagged you can use the Advanced Search Form with the "Flagged" option enabled to recall these members.