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Recent updates
Webmaster Access Amsterdam Special
As a special promotion, to celebrate the release of the new "CCBill Paid Program" feature available in NATS 4.1, we will be waiving the entire NATS setup fee of $750 for all new clients from now until the end of the Webmaster Access Amsterdam show (September 19th). Stop by our exhibit in the Rome room on Friday, Sept. 16 from 2-3 p.m. at the Park Hotel for a demonstration of our new NATS 4.1 software and any of our other products.
The European Summit
Too Much Media will be present at this year's "European Summit" in Prague from September 20th to the 23rd. We will be available to provide demonstrations of our software and to answer any questions you may have.

To schedule a demonstration or meeting at any of the shows we will be attending, please email your request to
SexGoesMobile Third Party Partner
We have completed the integration of the new third party partner, SexGoesMobile. This integration allows both NATS 4.1 and NATS 3 program owners to use the SexGoesMobile third party system and have their sales recorded within NATS. Please put in a support ticket if you wish to include SexGoesMobile in your NATS installation and our techs will contact you to add this third party partner.
Highlighted Features
Mobile Tours in NATS 4.1
In NATS 4.1, you can create a separate mobile tour where NATS 4.1 will redirect mobile traffic. Simply create a new tour in the Sites Admin, edit the URL and link domain and mark the new tour as a "mobile" tour. Once completed, edit the entire site and set the newly created tour with the "Mobile Tour" dropdown. With this setup, when a surfer goes through a tracking link for that site under a mobile device, NATS 4.1 will recognize this and send them to the mobile tour you have set. Additionally, NATS provides a set of "mobile" templates which will be used in this process. All mobile templates have template names that include "_mobile" at the end of the template name.

More details in regards to setting up mobile tours in NATS 4.1 can be found here.
Affiliate Analytics in NATS 4.1
Found in the home page of your the NATS 4.1 configuration page, Affiliate Analytics can be used with Google Analytics to track which pages are viewed the most in the NATS 4.1 affiliate area. Simply turn on the configuration TRACK_AFFILIATE_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS and fill in the GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_PROPERTY_ID.

More details in regards to Affiliate Analytics can be found here.