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Recent updates
For the Eighth year in a row Too Much Media will be sponsoring this year's QWEBEC Expo from August 26th through the 28th. Stop by the annual Too Much Media warm-up party on Thursday night located at Newtown on 1476 Crescent in Downtown Montreal. We will be available during the show to provide demonstrations of the new NATS version 4.1 at booths 301/401. Make sure you come by our booth to meet the Too Much Media team.
CCBill Paid Program in NATS 4.1
Too Much Media is happy to announce the release of the new "CCBill Paid Program" feature in NATS 4.1. With this feature, NATS 4.1 program owners will have all of the benefits of NATS reporting while still having CCBill issue checks to your affiliates. Transactions through a CCBill paid program will be recorded as a separate transaction type in NATS 4.1 and displayed under their own columns, allowing these transactions to be reported separately in both the admin reports and your affiliates' statistics.

Please put in a support ticket if you wish to have this feature set up on your NATS 4.1 installation and our techs will be in contact to assist you.
Webmaster Access Amsterdam Special
To celebrate the release of our new "CCBill Paid Program" feature, we will be waiving the entire NATS set up fee of $750 for all new clients from now until the end of the Webmaster Access Amsterdam show (September 19th). Stop by the exhibit room on Saturday the 17th for a demonstration of our new NATS 4.1 software or any of our other products.

To Schedule a demonstration or meeting at any of the shows we will be attending, please email your request.
Wister Third Party Partner
We have recently completed the integration of the new Third Party Partner, Wister. This allows NATS 4.1 program owners to use the Wister third party system to record their sales within NATS 4.1. Please put in a support ticket if you wish to include Wister as a third party partner in your NATS 4.1 installation and our techs will be in contact to add this feature.
Highlighted Features
Linkcodes & Tools Admin
Available in NATS 4.1 is an admin allowing program owners to create a NATS code from specific details or decode a NATS code which you would like details on. The Linkcodes & Tools admin is found through your Adtools admin under the tab "Linkcodes".

The first table on the page provides program owners a "Create NATS Linkcode" table to specify the affiliate, campaign, program, site, tour, and additional identifiers. The output of this table will include encoded, unencoded, and shortname style link codes for both PHP and Smarty.

The second table allows an admin to decode a Nats code from a full url or stand-alone code. The decoded details will provide the affiliate, campaign, program, site, tour, and adtool information for the entered code.

For more details in regards to this feature, please refer to the Wiki article here.
Site Groups
NATS 4.1 allows Sites to be put together in Site Groups. Once set, the Profit and Loss report will allow for program owners to view statistics for a particular Site Group, removing any Sites that are not in that Group from the statistics. In the Sites admin of NATS 4.1, there is a tab to add and edit the Site Groups. Once setup, simply edit any Site to assign it to a Site Group.