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Recent updates
Multiple Language support in NATS 4.1
The NATS 4.1 affiliate pages now offer support for multiple languages English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian. Using language files, your affiliates can now choose the language of their affiliate pages, making NATS more comfortable for your affiliates to use. Current affiliates can choose their desired language in the "My Account" pages, along with which affiliate skin they will see by default. For future affiliates, the NATS 4.1 skin will display a set of flags in the upper-right hand corner of the page, which will allow them to easily switch between languages.

The languages can also be adjusted using the language override files through the Skins and Templates Admin under the NATS 4.1 skin you are using, much like any template in NATS. For more information and details regarding language files and multiple language support in NATS, please see our wiki article here.
New TMMCash Advertising Tools
TMMCash now offers new Ad Tools, including new banners and landing pages, which are now available to any affiliate promoting the NATS software. You can find the Banners you want to promote with by logging into TMMCash and going to the Ad Tools section.

The available payout amounts for NATS referrals through TMMCash are:
  • $500 affiliate payout for standard NATS license referrals.
  • $1,055 affiliate payout for NATS Pro license referrals.
Not an affiliate of TMMCash? Click here to register a TMMCash affiliate account, or learn more about the TMMCash program.
Too Much Media now offers video recordings of all our previous Webinars. Anyone interested in viewing our previous Webinars can now go back and review the information from any of our previous Webinars, or view a Webinar that they were not able to attend. These Webinars are a great opportunity to learn how to use the new features available in NATS 4.1, and learn how we have improved NATS to better help you.
Webinars Available to Watch
NATS 4.1 New Features
Learn about all the new features added to NATS 4.1, including the new and improved affiliate interface, new Ad Tool types, and how to use the CSS Theme Builder to customize your NATS 4.1 skin.

NATS Affiliate Tracking
This webinar is designed to educate affiliates using the NATS software. In this webinar, we go over the basic and advanced features available to affiliates when using NATS tracking links. Also included are details on using features such as deep linking, and how to use campaigns to track promotions.
Highlighted Features
New Advertising Tool categories and types
NATS version 4.1 contains several newly-added Ad Tool types, which allows your affiliates to promote your sites in even more formats than before. Ad Tool that have been added to NATS 4.1 include Hosted Videos, which provide your affiliates with a link to stream videos you have uploaded to NATS, Geo Banners, which allow for user-specified text to be displayed given a surfer's location, Embedded Videos, which provides your affiliates with code that you have set up to display videos, Downloadable Videos, which allow your affiliates to download and host videos promoting your sites, and IM Popups, which allow affiliates to display an instant message popup to their surfers.

Learn more about these Ad Tool types, and all of the other new Ad Tool types that we added to NATS 4.1 in the following wiki article.
Campaign and Traffic Tags
NATS 4.1 provides affiliates with the ability to track their affiliate promotions and link codes more dynamically and specifically than ever before, with Campaigns and Traffic Tags. Campaigns in NATS 4.1 now consist of one or more individual Traffic Tags, which allow your affiliates to categorize the statistics generated by the traffic that they are sending. Your affiliates can now modify or set their campaigns on any affiliate Ad Tools page, making it quicker and easier to categorize their referrals.

See more information about how to use Campaigns and Traffic Tags to track affiliate promotions in our the following wiki article.