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Recent updates
NATS 4.1 Release
We are proud to announce that the latest version of NATS has been officially released. The new NATS 4.1 features a completely overhauled Affiliate area, which has been updated to provide the most flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly interface possible for your affiliates. We have also added several new adtool types for your affiliates to use, including Fan Signs, Page Peels, IM Popups, Footer Ads, and Page Overlay Ads. NATS 4.1 has gone through extensive beta testing by Too Much Media technicians, as well as a wide variety of clients and affiliates, in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new version.

If you would like to upgrade your installation of NATS to the new and improved NATS 4.1, please put in a support ticket here.
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Upcoming Webinar
Date Wed, May 18, 2011 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Come join us for a free one-hour webinar showcasing the new and improved NATS 4.1 affiliate interface. Learn about all of the advanced features we added for affiliates and explore the CSS Theme Builder, which was added to give program owners control over the NATS affiliate design without the need for extensive coding. This Webinar is a great opportunity to answer any of your questions about NATS 4.1, and learn more about how we've improved NATS to better help you.
Additional News
New TMM Sales Rep
Too Much Media is pleased to announce that Kourosh G. is joining the TMM team, bringing more than 11 years of experience in all aspects of the adult industry. Kourosh will be responsible for sales and marketing as well as client relations at TMM. Keep a look out for Kourosh, as he works with all of our supporters and clients to further improve our products and services.
Backup Service
Tired of inconsistent web hosting, worrying about losing crucial data, and storing all of your files and database information on the same source? Reduce your risk and downtime with Too Much Media's backup service, offered for the NATS affiliate tracking software. This service will back up your NATS files, NATS database, and any custom smarty functions and templates that you have created. Best of all, if anything goes wrong with your server we will reinstall NATS and re-import any data you may have lost, free of charge!

Our Standard Remote Backup service costs a flat fee of $75 per month, and includes three (3) backups to our server per week. If that's not enough for you, we also offer a Daily Remote Backup service, which provides you with daily backups of all your NATS files, database, and templates for $150 per month. Using this feature provides redundancy for your data, which is crucial for recovering it in cases of emergency. Please put in a support ticket if you are interested in adding this backup service to your NATS installation.
Software Updates
NATS 4.1 View complete list of updates »
Multiple Language support in NATS 4.1
Added language support files for English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian affiliate areas. Read More »
Campaign and Traffic Tags
Added the ability for affiliates to add traffic tags to existing campaigns during the tracking process. This can be done with the autocamp and autotag variables. Read More »
New Adtool categories and types
Updated the structure of the adtools pages to include new adtool types and categories. Read More »
Flash Video Display in Adtools
Added the ability to use the 4.1 flash videos display template on NATS4 versions of skins. Read More »
Display Page peels
Added the ability to use the Page Peel display template on NATS4 versions of skins. Read More »
Adtool README Files
Added README files for every interactive adtool type that requires a downloaded .zip file to use.
Standardbill Biller Integration
Integrated Standardbill as a new biller in NATS 4.1 Read More »
Clearcard IDV Biller Integration
Added Clearcard IDV as an available biller choice in NATS 4.1
Read More »
Rocketgate Free Trials
Added the ability to support free trial signups through Rocketgate. Read More »
Account Rep Tiered Payout
Added the ability to have tiered payouts for account representative programs. Read More »