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Recent updates
Phoenix Forum
Too Much Media will be making a large presence at The Phoenix Forum this year. We will have several of our developers and support staff on hand to provide demonstrations of the new NATS version 4.1. In addition to NATS 4.1, we will be launching our new NATS referral program, TMMCash. This will be held in our Hospitality Suites, located directly by the pool in Suite numbers 2043/2045. We will be open from 3 pm until late night every day of the show. Make sure to stop by for a drink and a demonstration of NATS version 4.1, then stick around to meet and chat with the Too Much Media team!
NATS 4.1 Beta Release
We have finished our initial testing of NATS version 4.1 and are now ready to begin providing this new version to our clients on a limited basis. If you are interested in Beta testing NATS version 4.1, please submit a support ticket requesting an upgrade of your NATS to version 4.1.
TMM Cash
Too Much Media is proud to introduce our new referral program for NATS, TMM Cash. This system allows anyone to promote the NATS affiliate tracking software to others. You can sign up for an affiliate account through and track all of your referrals. Each NATS sale will have a payout of $500! Sign up now at TMMCash.
Payoneer Payment Method Now Available
We have recently completed the integration of the new payment method, Payoneer. This allows NATS program owners to use the Payoneer Payment system to pay their affiliates. This has been added to both NATS 3 and NATS 4, and includes the payment method itself, as well as an export dump format that is compatible with the Payoneer payment system. If you wish to have this functionality added to your NATS installation, please open a support ticket with us.
Featured Tips
Email with Free Hosted Galleries in NATS 4
NATS 4 provides the ability to use template functions within your mass e-mails sent through the Mailing Admin. For example, you can use the Smarty template function nats_display_adtool to send your most recently added Free Hosted Galleries to your affiliates, complete with their corresponding NATS code included.

For more details in regards to using this functionality in NATS, please go to the wiki article here.
Join Page Variables
NATS allows you to customize your NATS join form to be displayed in a wide variety of different ways by editing your 'join' templates through the Sites Admin. For example, you can choose to display your available join options as radio buttons instead of a drop-down menu, or create a 'join' link rather than a 'join' form. This lets you redirect surfers directly to the biller join page, instead of having to fill out the standard NATS pre-join form.

For more details in regards to using this functionality in NATS, please go to the wiki article here.
Software Updates
NATS 4 View complete list of updates »
New Mailing method
Added the option to use qmail as the sending method for mailing.
Billing Revolution Integration
Added Billing Revolution as a new biller in NATS 4.
Secure Billing Worldwide Integration
Added SBW (Secure Billing Worldwide) as a new biller in NATS 4.
UKash Integration
Added UKash as a new biller in NATS 4.
Altobilling Integration
Added Altobilling as a new biller in NATS 4.
EGatePay Integration
Added EGatePay as a new biller.
Bill1st Integration
Added Bill1st as a new biller.
Site Grouping
Added a feature to be able to group sites together.
NATS 3 View complete list of updates »
Disable Jettis Test Transactions
Added a configuration option that allows clients to disable the processing of Jettis International test transactions.
Send Affiliate Login ID to RocketGate
Added the ability to send an affiliate's loginid to RocketGate, as an affiliate descript