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XBiz Software of the Year
Too Much Media was honored recently, being named "Software of the Year" at this year's XBiz show in Los Angeles. This is the third award that we have received from XBiz, and we'd like to thank all of our clients and supporters for helping to make this possible. We could not have earned this honor without your much-appreciated support and feedback. Here at Too Much Media, we will make sure that we continue to provide quality products and service to both current and future clients.
Representative to Xbiz
We recently sent a TMM representative to the XBIZ LA 2011 show to meet with current clients, as well as attendees of the show. During his time there, our representative demonstrated the new NATS 4.1 affiliate area design to a select group, in order to receive feedback and suggestions. Keep an eye out for Too Much Media representatives at upcoming shows, as we always look forward to interacting with all of our clients and fans!
TMM at The Phoenix Forum
Too Much Media will be making a large presence at The Phoenix Forum this year, with several of our developers and support staff on hand to interact with current and future clients. We will be informing potential clients about our current and upcoming projects here, as well as looking for feedback about our current products. Be sure to stop by and meet the Too Much Media staff at The Phoenix Forum!
The Barcelona Summit
Too Much Media will be in attendance at the Barcelona Summit this year. We will be sending a representative to meet with current clients, as well as new potential clients. Our representative will be offering demonstrations of the new NATS 4.1 affiliate design upon appointment, so please be sure to contact our TMM representative at to schedule a demo appointment.
Additional News
TMM and NATS on Facebook
Too Much Media has been increasing our presence on Facebook recently, keeping clients and fans up to date and informed about our current projects. All of this information can be found at our regularly updated Too Much Media and NATS pages. Make sure to friend us or "Like" our Facebook pages, so you're never out of the loop on any news from us at Too Much Media.

Too Much Media Facebook Page found here
NATS Facebook Page found here
Additional Payvia type EMC2Payouts
We have recently added a new payvia type, EMC2/IPAYOUT, to both NATS 3 and NATS 4. To have this new payvia type available in NATS 3, please visit the NATS 3 Patches page and install the latest patches found here.

Please put in a support ticket if you would like us to perform the test or if you encounter any problems in applying the patch. Please put in a support ticket requesting an upgrade to NATS 4 if you would like to have EMC2/IPAYOUT added to your NATS 4 installation.
NATS 4.1 Testing
Testing for our new and overhauled NATS 4.1 affiliate area is underway and in full swing. We currently have several affiliates looking over the design and providing us with extensive feedback in order to improve the design and make the new interface as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Look for more updates to come, as we continue testing and get more feedback from our testers.
Software Updates
NATS 4 View complete list of updates »
Affiliate Referral Payouts fix
Fixed an issue where get_affiliate_data would fail during one-time affiliate referral payouts.
Display of Site's Tour Names
Added the ability to have tour names displayed in parentheses, next to its parent site, on the affiliate linkcodes page.
Chargeback Reversals in Webbilling
Fixed an issue where affiliates were incorrectly receiving credit for initial joins when members performed chargeback reversals through Webbilling.
Smarty Errors on Emails
Fixed an issue where mailings would not get saved due to errors while parsing Smarty code. An extra decoding step has been added to prevent this error
Epoch Currencies
Fixed an issue with Epoch's localized currency conversions. Localized currency amounts are now only used if the currency in question is a non-USD base currency.
News Display
Fixed an issue where the bodies of news items in NATS were not being displayed properly, due to a variable name change.
Windows 7/Internet Explorer 8
Fixed an issue where clients using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) on Windows 7 received a security error when trying to add a new skin.
Custom Adtools for Affiliates
Fixed an issue where adtools would not appear in the affiliates adtool list after creating a custom adtool.
Affiliate Signup URL and Linkdomain
Fixed an issue with affiliate signup in signup.php where $url and $linkdomain were being set to empty values, causing NATS to automatically redirect denied surfers to the default tour deny URL.
Cascading to Second Biller in Cascade
Fixed an issue where surfers were not being redirected to a third party biller as the next step in a cascade after the first biller fails, due to an incorrect query string.