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Happy New Year TMM clients
Happy New Year to all of our valued Too Much Media clients! We'd like to thank you for continuing to support our products and services, and we look forward to further helping you achieve your goals throughout this coming year. Our staff is always working to come up with new and exciting features for our products, as well as new services to better suit your needs.

Make sure to keep a look out for all of our upcoming Too Much Media newsletters, which will contain further information on Too Much Media-related happenings.
NATS 4.1
We are currently in the final internal testing stages of the new NATS version 4.1, which features a completely overhauled layout on the affiliates side. Once we have finished our internal testing processes we will begin external testing, using selected affiliates and beta testers. When we've ensured that NATS 4.1 exceeds our standards for quality, it will be released for all clients. Once this is available we will inform everyone of the new version, at which point you can put in an 'upgrade' support ticket to be upgraded to the new NATS 4.1.
NATS Interface Review
Too Much Media recently invited 5 selected affiliates to our New Jersey headquarters in order to assist in reviewing and finalizing the design for the new NATS 4. These affiliates were flown out to New Jersey, all expenses paid, as part of an effort to maximize client and affiliate input in our products. While testing the new software the Affiliates provided a great deal of feedback through the review process, providing information to improve the layout of the new interface centering around the use and display of Campaigns and Referring URLs.

Providing the best possible interface for affiliates is a main priority for us at Too Much Media, and we believe that the visit and extensive review process helped us to do just that.
Additional News
TMM Representatives Visit interNEXT
Too Much Media recently made an appearance at AVN's interNEXT Expo, sending multiple representatives to interact with clients and colleagues in Las Vegas. Our representatives spoke with current and prospective clients, receiving feedback and informing them of the new and upcoming developments in TMM products and services.

Keep an eye out for Too Much Media representatives at upcoming shows, as we always look forward to interacting with all of our clients and fans!
TMM Presence in Europe
Too Much Media made an appearance in the European market recently, with one of our representatives in attendance at both the Barcelona Summit and Webmaster Access Amsterdam shows. Our representative spoke with both current and potential Too Much Media clients, having a positive and successful experience interacting with the show-goers. Be on the lookout for Too Much Media representatives at future shows, as we look forward to interacting with all of our clients at these upcoming shows.
NetCash Biller in NATS Version 3
The latest patch for NATS version 3 contains updates to the biller, NetCash, that correct recently found issues with NATS. We recommend any client using Netcash to process transactions in NATS version 3 to submit a support ticket in regards to upgrading NATS for NetCash. Once your support request is received, a TMM tech will update NATS to its latest version, and verify that there will no longer be any compatibility issues with NetCash and NATS version 3.
New Billers for Version 3
Patching your NATS version 3 installation has never been easier! The NATS version 3 patch system now allows you to apply biller-specific patches for new biller integrations, such as Bill1st, EGP, EuroPay, SBW, and uKash. The patch files, as well as the instructions for these new biller patches can be found here.
Software Updates
NATS 4 View complete list of updates »
License Expiration Feature
Adds a table in the support admin to show the expiration date of clients' licenses, and the time remaining before that date. In addition, it will send a notification to the client when it gets close to the expiration date
Members Admin Search Fix
Member admin search now works correctly with the features hiding status 0 members in members admin page and removing LIKE searches in the member admin.
Payout Dump Correction
Correctly shows how many checks the affiliate is getting for the payout.
Clearing Reporting Cache
Added a way to clear the report cache from the Cleanup and Maintenance admin.
Adtool PHP 5.3
Added PHP 5.3 compatibility for adtools.
Original Admin Overview Date view Corrected
Fixes an issue with the date change on the admin overview.
RSBilling Corrections
Fixed RSBilling poll and added a configuration to allow clients to set the number of days to poll in the past
Affiliate FHG Formats
Fixed formatting for FHG dump in the affiliates area.
Admin Overview Formatting Preferences
Fixed a formatting preference on the Original v4 admin overview
Netbilling Cross Sales
Fixed issues with Netbilling Cross Sales having information from other transactions
Rewards Admin Correction
Fixed refund action prompt in the rewards admin.
Clean Up Optimized
Adds more efficient clean up.
Payvia Admin Uses Correct Currency Symbol
Adjusted the Payvia areas to ensure that the correct BASE_CURRENCY_SYMBOL is used as according to your NATS configuration
Payout Tier Adjustment Fix
Fixes an issue with tiered payout changes.
Segpay Poll
Fixed an issue with the Segpay poll.
Add Campaigns Error
Added error dialog boxes for creating new campaigns from the affiliate main
Tooltip Links
Fixed tooltip links