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New Promo Tool Available in NATS!

3XPROMO is an ex-members email marketing plugin for programs using NATS 4.1 that's easy to install and a 100% managed solution.

No email manipulation is required. Once your plugin setup is complete, 3XPROMO's experts maintain every aspect of your mailing. No other action from you is required. Simply sit back, relax and wait for the checks to come in!

How does 3XPROMO work?

- 90/10 Rev-share split. When we mail your websites with your lists, we only charge you 10% to mail your sites.

- 100% commission. When we mail a 3rd party site with your list, you keep the entire commission. Example: we mail a site with a payout of 50% rev-share. We give you the whole 50%. We only ask the program for a regular 10% webmaster referral.

- You WILL get traffic back to your sites from our partners who cover the same niches.

How do you set 3XPROMO up?

- The set up is done through your NATS admin. You only need less than 20 minutes to spare...

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